Nielsen and IAB Addressing Mobile Audience Development

Digital Publishing News for December 3, 2013

A recent partnership between Nielsen and IAB is designed to provide better mobile audience metrics to publishers and marketers.

Nadia Cameron writes, “The program is being jointly funded and delivered by Nielsen and is supported by seven key publishers. The first top-line market data is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2014. According to the bureau, the pilot will deliver both site and application mobile usage data at a brand level to advertisers, as well as samples from Android and iOS smartphones and tablets using an electronic mobile meter.”

This will be a useful partnership if it’s able to show better, more accurate data on mobile audience use.

Will Facebook Start Sending More Traffic to Publishers Than Google?

Facebook and Google both send a lot of traffic to publishers’ websites. There is no doubt about that. And although Google still typically sends more through its massive search engine, the gap may be starting to close. Brian Morrissey writes, “Facebook says it wants to continue sending traffic to publishers, citing how news stories perform well in the News Feed. Facebook said it would start showing more links to news stories in particular to mobile users. And it would begin resurfacing articles in News Feeds that have attracted comments. It will also show related articles to stories, giving still more News Feed real estate to publishers.”

Will extra News Feed real estate be the key to more traffic than Google? “Google still remains king when it comes to sending traffic to publishers, but Facebook can pull levers with News Feed placements to quickly close the gap–and rise up the priority list for publishers,” continued Morrissey.


Where Video Content Being Viewed

TV shows, movies, apps and web video are streamed on tablets and smartphones out-of-home more often than they are streamed at home, reports eMarketer.

According to the article, “One-quarter of internet users reported using their smartphones to watch streaming TV and movies while on the go, and nearly as many said the same about tablets. Both devices were less likely to be used for this purpose at home.”

Clearly, if you’re providing these types of streaming video, you must make them easy to view on smartphones and tablets.

Advantage Business Media Updates Email Marketing Templates, Improves Data

Advantage Business Media had been experiencing flat email metrics so a decision to update templates was made.

With the addition of images, a table of contents, better optimization and a mobile-friendly design, progress can be made.

Richard Shami writes, “With the new template in place, we’ve improved ad click-thru’s by 30%. Our mobile traffic growth rate accelerated throughout the new template rollout, and email newsletters are no longer digital cash cows but once again a strong source of digital revenue growth for the company.”

min Names 2013 Editor and Publisher of the Year

Anne Fulenwider of Marie Claire was awarded the editor of the year award while Laura Frerer-Schmidt of Women’s Health was awarded the publisher of the year.

Steve Cohn writes, “Fulenwider and Frerer-Schmidt received their honors at min‘s year-end Intriguing and Hottest Launches breakfast in New York on Dec. 3.  Introductions came from Marie Claire VP/publisher Nancy Berger Cardone and Women’s Health editor-in-chief Michele Promaulayko.”

We offer our congratulations to both winners.


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