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Tag: online business model

The 3 Most Profitable Subscription Website Business Models

Coming up with the right subscription website business model(s) is usually the biggest stumbling block for those wanting to get into this business.

Choosing your content focus is a business-critical decision, as the focus you choose pretty much dictates your chances of success with a subscription website. However, more serious than the focus on content for

What Is a Subscription Website?

Subscription website business models have evolved exponentially in just a few years
Once upon a time, there were a few different versions of subscription websites that Mequoda defined. We wrote about them, analyzed them, and built them for our clients.

Over time, we watched new versions of subscription websites come into being. So we revised our naming

The 8 Characteristics of a Subscription Website

Each subscription website business model we write about has a distinct combination of characteristics
When Mequoda writes about subscription website business models, we always include a chart that outlines eight different characteristics of the different models. As far as we know, we’re the only ones writing at length about publishers’ website architecture, much less going into

How to Get Your Video Content Viewed to Completion

New study sheds light on video viewing habits

Video is a medium some publishers and content marketers have opted to explore, especially since its popularity has grown online.

For producers going this route, how can they make video content that people will enjoy and fully watch?

Advertising Proves Profitable for Farm Progress in the Digital Age

A glimpse at how digital transformation is addressed by a company that’s nearly 200 years old

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Willie Vogt, the Corporate Editorial Director at Farm Progress.

The conversation focused on the ways Farm Progress is handling the digital transformation in 2011. The most amazing thing to me, is the evolutionary nature of Farm Progress. For a company that was founded in 1819, and boasts the oldest known continuously published magazine with Prairie Farmer, Farm Progress is doing a tremendous job bringing content into the digital landscape.

What Gary Vaynerchuk Can Teach You About Being a Daily Online Publisher

If you thought your daily online publishing strategy was tough, try daily video publishing

When print magazines first entered the digital realm, they were—to put it lightly—not getting the concept of daily publishing. As publishers who were used to working against monthly or bi-monthly deadlines, it seemed absurd that they were now supposed to produce content like an average newsroom.

Slowly but surely, publishers saw how much their traffic increased, depending on the frequency of their content. If they posted once a day, they saw one big boost in traffic. If they posted three times a day, the might see three boosts. In fact, the more content they posted, the more pages were ranking in Google and the more long-tail traffic they were seeing as well.

The “Walled-Garden” Approach: How The Boston Globe Will Keep Free Subscribers Happy

The new split business model for subscription websites

So you’re a newspaper or magazine who’s watching the other publishers scramble around to create a solid online business model that will hold strong. Some of them make everything free, while many of the larger publishers are back in the mode of throwing up walls around their paid content.

This doesn’t have to be bad. You pay premium prices for the articles written for print, while oftentimes, you pay much less for quick articles that are posted on your website in a flash.

Week In Review: April 12th, 2010 – April 16th, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week…

Make Your Content as Profitable as Possible

Last chance to sign up for our Developing Successful Subscription Websites webinar

What You Need To Understand About The Digital Book Industry

Why it’s more important than ever to learn about new media trends

Set Your Blog Up on Kindle

A free way to become part of 2010’s new media trends

Multiple Mediums: A Way To Interest Online Advertisers

Do you want to make money online by utilizing a hybrid media plan for you and your advertising clients?

Are You One of the “Digitally Enlightened” Online Publishers?

Have you brought your online publishing business to terms with the fact that you are not alone in this digital ecosystem?
Have you also pondered whether everyone else is adapting more easily than you are?

Missed the Mequoda Summit? Watch the Videos Instead!

Travel budget frozen? Take a trip to Mequoda Pro and get 13 on-demand seminars that will teach you the ins and outs of profitable online publishing

What a Tag Page Should Look Like to Google

Create an all-inclusive tag/keyword/glossary page so that your website architecture gives Google one single arrow to follow

Has Online Social Networking Replaced Real World Networking?

There are many books and blogs already devoted to the “how to” of social networking. This is not a post about how to set up an account and get started. This post is about why you should get started and how you will benefit from social networking.

New Media Trends

Bring your online publishing business up to par with this FREE white paper that will help you introduce new media into your online business model: Mobile Site Design Tips for Content Publishers.

Lead-Driven Design – IDG’s Computerworld has a Unique Approach

How Computerworld drives traffic from their print product and supplies enough content to satisfy both users and sponsors

The Motley Fool Media Network Case Study

The Motley Fool uses its powerful brand to launch seven successful print newsletters for personal investors that will generate $22M in 2005 revenues. Traditional advertising-driven Internet business model takes a back seat.

After the 2001 dot-com stock market crash occurred, The Motley Fool was forced to change its online business model. The years of generating more than $20 million in advertising revenue were long gone, much like the employees who suffered layoffs. They abandoned the advertising model for the print subscription model and today are succeeding handsomely. The Fool’s first print investment newsletter The Motley Fool Stock Advisor (launched as a partnership with Phillips Investment Resources) proved to be very popular and profitable. Its success has now spawned the launch of six more print titles, making The Motley Fool a major player in the paid subscription content business.

Integrated Online Publishing for 2007

Creating a Flexible and Adaptable Business Plan that Will Maximize Your 2007 Online Revenues & Profits

Perhaps the thing I like most about the Mequoda Marketing System is its flexibility.

This online publishing system is all about maximizing the value of online advertising inventory (website space, email newsletters and email promotions). This is true no matter how you monetize the inventory.

Website Design Tips and a Lesson in Online Publishing from

Sharply focused on a niche market of hip, young, women shoppers who reside in major cities, Daily Candy proves that publishers can make money selling online advertising.

In a recent website design review of, Mequoda Editor-at-Large Peter A. Schaible outlines the site’s business model and shares a few website design tips and suggestions he pulled from reviewing the site. Website Design Review, while a very viable and intriguing online content model, makes some critical areas in their website design practices, lagging behind their peers in the areas of community building, affordance and labeling. Website Design Review

Waterfront Media has developed a series of profitable websites, one of which is Denise Austin’s fitness and health website,