What You Need To Understand About The Digital Book Industry

Why it’s more important than ever to learn about new media trends and how they affect your content-based business

With a name like Kindle for Publishers, it’s pretty certain what will be included in our upcoming webinar.

However, the Kindle for Publishers webinar isn’t only about Amazon’s Kindle. In fact, the webinar is full of educational information regarding the entire industry of eReaders, as well as the components that make this webinar valuable to publishers. Register now for our Kindle for Publishers webinar.

Do you know the statistics surrounding books and publications on the internet, or how the internet influences media consumption? Not only do people purchase publications online, but they are also exposed to endless resources that discuss the genres they like and the latest books to come out. Reviews can be found all over, from The New York Times to AllReaders.com.

Or do you know what exactly consumers want in the world of new media? There are so many different ways to receive information nowadays. You’ll want to be familiar with the most popular platforms in order to provide for your customers adequately.

Our Kindle for Publishers will provide answers to these questions to fully prepare you for the growing industry of digital books.

Why else should you attend the Kindle for Publishers webinar?

If you’re contemplating making the digital book industry part of your online business model then you will need to know which eReader platforms are the best for your digital books, magazines, newsletters, and blogs. As previously mentioned, it isn’t all about Kindle. We also discuss the following:

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-Barnes & Noble Nook

-Sony eBook

-Apple Tablet





Maybe you’ve already been researching eReaders, but there is still a lot of information you are seeking. For example:

Is the eReader you’re considering cross-platform?

Are you alright with a fixed format?

What about your time? You are already a busy publishing professional and your company’s resources are already tight. How much time will you need to devote putting your content on eReaders?

All of these concerns will be covered in our Kindle for Publishers webinar. If you as a publisher decide to go in the direction of digital books then we want you to know everything necessary. Being fully knowledgeable on this topic will make a big difference in the success your participation ends up having.

Why is it so important to understand this industry?

The future is here. We’ve all seen new media trends come and go. It’s important to be educated at the most opportune time, or the perfect chance might pass you by. Many companies and consumers alike expect the world of digital books to increase drastically this year. Will your publication be among the successful participants in this revolution?

Sign up for our Kindle for Publishers webinar now. Discover the state of the eReader industry and how you can join the group of innovative publishers who are using this platform.


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