Missed the Mequoda Summit? Watch the Videos Instead!

Travel budget frozen? Take a trip to Mequoda Pro and get 13 on-demand seminars that will teach you the ins and outs of profitable online publishing

These past three days have been whirlwhind of ideas and inspiration for publishers and marketers who attended the Mequoda Summit.

We had about 70 publishers gathered all in one room with similar goals – increase revenue, create new products and organize our businesses in a way that makes the print to online transition manageable.

Our most popular sessions were on Keyword Research and SEO Campaign Management, where publishers learned how they could do their own research to find keywords that they could easily get ranked on, and then deploy campaigns that build inbound links and their email lists, while increasing their Google visibility.

If you think these are sessions you wish you could have attended (or maybe you did attend, and want to refresh your team back in the office), we have an entire Google Visibility Management suite of online training seminars available in Mequoda Pro on-demand. You could start watching them this afternoon if you really want.

The Mequoda Google Visibility Suite:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Market Analysis
  • PR & Link Building
  • Online Content Management

In addition to these four seminars, we have nine other modules (and more coming up) that you can watch on your own, or use to teach your entire team about building a robust and profitable multi-platform online publishing business.

Plus, as a Mequoda Pro member, you gain access to all of our downloadable tools and spreadsheets that will help take the concepts we teach and put them into practice.

Even more, we have webinars coming up every month, so you’ll save $247 on the price of admission when you can just watch them on-demand a week after the live event at the rate of $297 for an entire year of access to Mequoda Pro.

Still not convinced? We talked to one publisher at the Mequoda Summit this week who told us he built his company’s new website and constructed his new online business model simply from watching our Mequoda Pro seminars. He’s also one of the few websites, that when we reviewed in our live website design panel (before we knew that previous bit of information), had an almost perfect score.

If you’re looking to become a more profitable online publisher through search engine optimization, re-purposed content, creating new products, and gaining a competitive advantage over others in your niche, join Mequoda Pro.


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