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Last chance to sign up for our Developing Successful Subscription Websites webinar

We know that there is a lot of necessary consideration before building a subscription website. Whether you publish magazines, newsletters, music pieces or eBooks, you will need to know if a subscription website model fits you.

Our Mequoda/SIPA webinar Developing Successful Subscription Websites has all of this information and more.

If you are a publisher already operating a user-driven business focused on circulation, then a subscription website could be a profitable additional to your online business model.

Publishers of all different content, research teams and software developers alike use subscription websites and have found success by doing so.

Our 90-minute Developing Successful Subscription Websites will give you in-depth information on several qualities of subscription websites including:

-Minimum Information Unit

-Product Breadth

-Update Frequency

-User Interactivity

-Content Organization

Do you know about the six most profitable subscription website types? This webinar will teach you about them and include case studies.

The six subscription website types that will be discussed in Developing Successful Subscription Websites include:

-Periodical Websites

-Reference Websites

-Newsletter Websites

-Magazine Websites

-Application Websites

-Membership Websites

Furthermore, this webinar will teach you how to utilize the pay-for-access model for subscription websites. Learn the best time intervals, membership fees, and design architecture for your premium content.

Join us for the Mequoda/SIPA Developing Successful Subscription Websites on January 26th at 12:30 pm Eastern to learn how subscription websites can transform your content into a profitable premium-access location, and which subscription model suits your publication best.


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