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Tag: Online Teams

Content Marketing 2010

In 90 minutes, you’ll discover how to use content to sell books, apps, subscriptions and live events

Six Reasons Why Mequoda Systems Fail

These reasons may dictate the success of your online teams

Everything You Missed at the Mequoda Summit (Well, Almost Everything)

This week we’ve been at the Mequoda Summit in Boston, and covering it live just for you!

Notes & Quotes from Mequoda Summit Boston 2009 – Organizing Print and Online Teams

How three publishers are integrating their print and online teams

TODAY is the LAST DAY to Save 35% On Your Seat at the Mequoda Summit

Space at our upcoming Mequoda Summit is dwindling and today is the deadline to register at our early-bird rate, so register today!

Here’s a Quick Way to Train Your Team in One Day

One method for training your entire online publishing team in one sitting (plus maybe a lunch break if they’re good)

Join 70+ Special-Interest Niche Publishers in Boston

Less than two weeks left to get our lowest price on this Internet marketing event for publishers

Develop a Happier, More Productive, and More Profitable Online Business Team

Grooming and training your online business team to encourage great ideas and follow through with new digital product development

Integrating Print & Online Media Teams

Building Online Media Teams that Both Represent Your Print Brand and Generate Revenue for Your Online Brand

Mequoda Summit “Integrating Print & Online Media Teams” Session Review:

While most publishers continue to load more responsibilities onto their existing print staff and require them to learn new skills, those in the know are hiring dedicated writers, marketers and technical staff to run their online business units. These same publishers know how to integrate their print and online teams to leverage editorial assets, cross promote print,

Making Money Online

Seven Strategies that Successful Publishers are Using to Turn their Traditional Publishing Brands into Internet-Centric Media Companies

Seven Online Publishing Secrets – Updated for July 2008!

Download ourcomplimentary report today and learn how to compete with today’s toppublishers by using the most profitable seven online publishing secrets.