Making Money Online

Seven Strategies that Successful Publishers are Using to Turn their Traditional Publishing Brands into Internet-Centric Media Companies

Mequoda Summit “Making Money Online” Session Review:

1. Editorial Strategy: Manage Multiplatform Brand Development
Cutting-edge publishing companies have reinvented themselves over the last decade into multiplatform publishers. In this rapidly evolving online publishing world, where the consumer is in control and has more information product options than ever before, publishers need to offer multiple media platforms to remain competitive. They also need to accept the idea that they must give away lots of free content in order to succeed. Free content is now a publisher’s new circulation marketing program. Discover all the ways publishers are distributing content.

2. Business Strategy: Choose the Right Revenue Models
While most publishers launch a single website to meet unclear goals, successful online publishers understand that there are 12 discreet business models and launch a website network, capitalizing on at least 3 or more of those business models. Discover how to choose and use the right business models for your online business.

3. Keyword Strategy: Discover Audience Needs & Business Goals
Discover a simple online publishing process for brainstorming the 1500-2500 keywords that your users will use the most to search for the content that you have. Learn how to quantify the search activitythat is happening every day for each of your targeted search terms. Learn how to analyze the search engine competition and use that data to isolate keyword phrases that can vault your website onto page one in a matter of days.


4. Website Strategy: Convert Visitors into Customers
Landing pages are the driving force for any successful Internet marketing program. A well-crafted landing page, with strong conversion architecture, will maximize the possibility that a user landing there will take the action you desire.

5. Email Strategy: Choose the Best Email Contact Strategy to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value
Successful publishers understand that their websites exist primarily to build customer loyalty – but they also understand the Web’s role in increasing their most valuable asset– their active email database. Learn how successful online publishers are using email to generate 60 to 80 percent of their revenue.

6. Organizational Strategy: Integrating Online and Print Publishing Teams
While most publishers continue to load more responsibilities onto their exiting print staff and require them to learn new skills, those in the know are hiring dedicated writers, marketers and technical staff to run their online business units. These same publishers know how to integrate their print and online teams to leverage editorial assets, cross promote print, Web and email circulation and create advertising synergies for sponsors who are demanding multiplatform marketing solutions.

7. Reporting & Key Metrics: Create a Management Dashboard
While many publishers find themselves lost in a pile of numbers generated by Web analytics, email analytics and competitive tracking services, profitable online publishers understand the concept of a management dashboard that keeps track of where their company succeeds or needs improvement.

What you will learn:

  • The most common traits of online publishing companies that have made millions on the Internet.
  • The keys to maximizing profit using your existing content and knowledge-base.
  • How to increase conversion rates and improve the user experience with your brand online.
  • The secret strategy used by the most successful online publishers to increase sales and profits.
  • How to apply user-centric guidelines to your online publishing enterprise that will create loyal customers.
  • The external media sources and database marketing channels that constitute a proven Internet marketing system.
  • The key drivers that affect your website’s bottom line and learn how to implement a metrics-driven plan for your integrated online publishing company.


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