Seven Online Publishing Secrets – Updated for July 2008!

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About five years ago, we began to study and discover precisely whatInternet marketing strategies work best—what techniques andpractices distinguish the most successful online publishing companiesfrom the mediocre and those that fail.

In our research, we found that every successful online publisher hadseven strategies in common:

Online Publishing Secret #1: Editorial Strategy
Choose and Leverage the Right Content Platforms for Your Audience

In this rapidly evolving online publishing world, where the consumeris in control and has more information product options than ever before,publishers need to offer multiple media platforms to remain competitive.Top B2B and B2C online publishers are using the Internet to selltraditional information products, like magazines, newsletters and books,plus add new high margin products such as webinars, membership websites,downloadable books and other media platforms to build loyal customerrelationships.

Online Publishing Secret #2: Business Strategy
Choose the Best Online Business Models for Your Market

While most publishers launch a single website to meet unclear goals,successful online publishers understand that there are 12 discreetbusiness models and launch a website network, capitalizing on at least 3or more of those business models.

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Online Publishing Secret #3: Keyword Strategy
Choose the Right Keywords To Drive Website Traffic

Brainstorm the 1500-2500 keywords that your users will use the mostto search for the content that you have. Quantify the search activitythat is happening every day for each of your targeted search terms.Analyze the search engine competition and use that data to isolatekeword phrases that can vault your website onto page one in a matter ofdays. The Web’s most profitable publishers are using Google visibilityreporting to methodically manage search engine exposure for theirwebsites.

Online Publishing Secret #4: Website Strategy
Create Websites that Convert Visitors to Subscribers

While most publishers allow designers to create complex andcomplicated sites that the average user can’t begin to navigate,knowledgeable publishers understand that there are only 12 webpagetemplates that will carry 99% of the page views for their websites.These publishers not only understand that there are clear best practicesfor these 12 templates, but that these 12 templates are where all oftheir research, analytics and testing efforts should be centered. Whilethe industry average for Web conversion rates is by far less than 1percent, publishers who understand these 12 templates routinely generateconversion rates in the 3-5% range.

Online Publishing Secret #5: Email Strategy
Choose the Best Email Contact Strategy to 
Maximize CustomerLifetime Value

Successful publishers understand that their websites exist primarilyto build customer loyalty – but they also understand the Web’s role inincreasing their most valuable asset– their active email database.For these publishers, email can generate 60 to 80 percent of all theirrevenue. You should be using email newsletters to build customerrelationships and maximize customer lifetime value.

Online Publishing Secret #6: OrganizationalStrategy
Organize and Integrate Online and Print Publishing Teams

While most publishers continue to load more responsibilities ontotheir exiting print staff and require them to learn new skills, those inthe know are hiring dedicated writers, marketers and technical staff torun their online business units. These same publishers know how tointegrate their print and online teams to leverage editorial assets,cross promote print, Web and email circulation and create advertisingsynergies for sponsors who are demanding multiplatform marketingsolutions.

Online Publishing Secret #7: Reporting Strategy
Manage by the Numbers and Maximize Online Revenue

While many publishers find themselves lost in a pile of numbersgenerated by Web analytics, email analytics and competitive trackingservices, profitable online publishers understand the concept ofmanagement by exception. They isolate and track a handful of operatingstatistics using a Key Metrics Dashboard that lets them sleep at nightand alerts them to problems and opportunities in their online business.

Our (free) special report SevenOnline Publishing Secrets—Using the Internet to Transform YourSpecial-Interest Publishing Brand into a Multiplatform Media Empireresulted from five years of in-depth research into the experiences ofhundreds of highly successful (and not-so-successful) online publishingcompanies. A team of 20 seasoned Internet veterans— writers andreporters like you—cataloged case studies of websites andinterviewed dozens of online publishing company executives to find out(and verify) what Internet marketing strategies really succeed.

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