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Tag: targeted email

The 17 Best Email Subject Lines for Increasing Open Rates [+ Video]

Discover the carefully guarded source of the world’s most effective email subject lines that most professional copywriters don’t like to share

Don’t Waste Your Pageviews

Page views are a precious thing, and you should try not to waste them.

In today’s Strategy Spotlight, Don Nicholas, Chairman & CEO of Mequoda explains the goals of a “smart website” and why having one built by publishing veterans can help you avoid waste and chaos.

10 Email Call To Action Ideas For Your Magazine Website

Most publishers are only using one or two of these email call to action ideas for building an email list to sell more magazines

Did you know that by pairing unproductive employees with productive employees, you can actually improve productivity overall?

Cornerstone OnDemand conducted a study of more than 2,000 tech company employees with a dataset of

The Best Email Management System for Publishers

What to look for in an email management system from Haven Nexus, to MailChimp to Constant Contact
Managing email marketing has become an increasingly critical issue for every type of business. Publishers, like everyone else, use email to communicate with customers and prospective customers, on a regular basis. But like all powerful tools, email can be mismanaged

30 Go-To Email Copywriting Tips [+ Video]

There are a few places you can make really good, or really bad first and last impressions in your email copywriting. Get these right and you’ll build loyalty from the start and get those subscribers to stay with you longer.

Refocusing Email Marketers in 2012

Considerations for making email campaigns more effective

Email marketers spend a lot of time creating email marketing campaigns and informational email newsletters. They analyze past email campaign results, strategize on future campaigns, and conduct tests in hopes of finding the best email subject lines ever.

Some email trends for 2012 are fairly clear, and are dictated by direct changes in technology, while others stem from a focused emailing strategy. Below I have listed for email trends that may deserve more of your attention this year.

11 Tips for Standing Out in the Inbox

If you’re an email copywriter, you should consider these tips

Email copywriters are expected to write intriguing subject lines that get opened.

Of course, that isn’t the only task email copywriters face. Creating great body copy for the email is important to. You don’t want to just get recipients to open the emails; you want them to take action as well.

An Email Subject Line Tip from a Real Pro

“The more your copy talks about the reader, they more they will read”

Master the “Targeted” Email Subject Line

Use targeted subject lines when you want to maximize email conversion rates

11 Targeted Email Advertising Tips

Why an Email Newsletter is Essential for Ad-Driven Publishers

Think of your website as single-copy distribution when it comes to online adverting. You can optimize it, publish regularly, search engine optimize it and wait for readers to come, but that’s the depth you are offering your advertisers.

OptionsHouse seeks experienced Email Marketing Manager

PEAK6 Investments, LP was founded in 1997 and is headquartered on the original Chicago Board of Trade trading floor. PEAK6 Capital Management LLC, an affiliated market making and proprietary trading firm, is a provider of liquidity and risk management to the options market having traded 35 million option contracts and 2.1 billion shares in 2006.

Jobs in Online Publishing: Email Marketing Assistant Manager

Online Publishing Jobs

Are you looking to use your extensive experience in email marketing to make a significant impact on the growth of an email marketing channel at a leading online retailer? Socrates Media (owner of,, and several sites under development) is looking for an experienced marketer who will be recognized as our email marketing guru. This role will be filled by an ambitious individual who will provide the requisite leadership to grow our email marketing channel and improve the way we communicate with our customers. This is a great new opportunity for someone with experience in the field to take his/her career to the next level by leading a significant marketing channel and gaining new experiences from talented marketers at Socrates.