3 Social Media Tips for Better Engagement

Simple, yet overlooked tips for more social media interaction

At the SES Conference in New York City, an interesting statistic passed along stated that 34-41% of media consumption is online.

Imagine what that percentage will be in two years…or five years.

Online publishers are in the midst of a content revolution. Make the most of this opportunity by building a larger, more engaged audience through social media and organic marketing efforts.

To help along the way, I’ve highlighted three tips below for social media.

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Social Media Tip #1: Facebook – Placement of the “Like” button. At the SES Conference, some audience members suggested placing the “Like” button at the top of an article, while others suggested putting it at the end. Harry J. Gold, CEO of Overdrive Interactive, recommended putting the “Like” button at both the beginning and end of an article. Some Facebook users will like something by just reading the headline. Others are more inclined to like it after reading all of the article’s content. Having the button in both locations makes it easier for people to like the content, regardless of the method they use for liking content.

Social Media Tip #2: LinkedIn – Join relevant LinkedIn Groups. Associating with relevant groups on LinkedIn will help grow your professional network. By contributing regularly in relevant groups, your knowledge, expertise and passion can be seen by others within your industry.

Social Media Tip #3: Twitter – Experiment with RowFeeder or Export.ly. Have you taken the time to investigate your Twitter stats? For instance, do you know who your followers are, where they are located or how big their following is? Have you analyzed the people following your competitors or influencers? This information can be put into a spreadsheet with Export.ly. Additionally, RowFeeder is able to keep track of trending hashtags and keywords. Both services offer free and custom plans.

How are you engaging in social media to create engagement? Your suggestions are always welcome.


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