Content to Share Through Email

Five email content types that benefit receiver and sender

A good email strategy benefits both parties. The email recipient gets informative or entertaining content, and the sender gets the chance to expand their brand through forwarded content and product sales.

What type of content should be a central part of your email campaigns? Let’s take a look at a few types of content, and the reason publishers provide them.

Email content type #1: Informative updates – When updates hit your industry, and they have significant implications to the members of your community, this content should be shared with your email recipients. Doing so will show your reliability as a trusted source of information.

Email content type #2: Free report updates – Every time you create a new free report or update an old one, you have the chance to develop a circulation building email. Send these to your list, and encourage them to forward the email to friends or colleagues they think would benefit from the information.


Email content type #3: Weekly reviews – Keep those subscribers happy that do not want to receive an email from you daily. The weekly review will keep them updated with the week’s content, while respecting their desire to only receive one email each week.

Email content type #4: New media content – Have you created a new video or podcast to share with your audience? Send an email promoting the content, and include an accurate link to the content. For instance, if it’s a video you are hosting on YouTube or your own site, link a picture of a video screen shot directly to the hosted video. This call to action is more actionable than plain text, and is a favorable strategy since putting video directly into email isn’t a viable option.

Email content type #5: Promotions – If you have good products, they will clearly have value to audience members. Promote these to your email marketing list.

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