Digital Native Survey – Sharing Habits, Friend Influence and Knowledge Outreach [Video]

This clip from the Digital Native Survey focuses on the aspect of sharing and discovering content. It asks the participants these four questions:

“You love an article. How do you share it with people?”

“Your friend blogs/tweets/posts about loving an item. Do you buy it?”

“You have a question about a product. How do you find out the answer?”

“You want to buy a product. Do you look up online reviews beforehand?”

With the rise in social media, most publishers have taken to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and have put more attention towards their blog content.

But what forms of social media are Digital Natives using the most? Are they using Facebook and Twitter evenly, or do they find more value in one due to its functionality? The clip below sheds light on these questions.

This clip also shows how Digital Natives find information and use information they receive from others. Building relationships with consumers is more important than ever in the digital world.


We will continue to publish clips from our Digital Native Survey, capping off with the full-length clip. If you have questions or comments relating to digital natives, please ask in the comments section below.

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