Email Marketing Success: How Companies Increase Click-Through Rates

New methods for increasing click-through and open rates that you may not be trying

We’ve discussed the effectiveness of email marketing numerous times throughout our blog and during live events. There is clear opportunity for email marketing success in many industries, although some industries fare better than others.

For instance, the travel industry, consumer products and services industry, and media and entertainment industry all experienced year-over-year growth in the volume of emails sent. This information comes from Experian.

Higher volumes mean these industries are sending more email pieces. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re getting the open rates, click-through rates, or conversions they’re hoping for. At the same time, it’s not likely that companies would spend more time sending email if they weren’t experiencing some kind of payoff. Let’s take a look at some of the strategies that have led to better results for email marketers.

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Three tips for increasing open rates and click-through rates

Include relevancy in your email marketing campaigns: Not everyone wants short pieces of manageable content. Some audiences like long copy. One way to increase opens and engagement with your content is to create email newsletters that have a shelf life consisting of deadline deals, which lead to long-form articles. Your audience members may open the email multiple times to consume the content and interact with the deadlines.

Diversify the messages your use in email marketing campaigns: Don’t forget to use different types of email newsletters. According to Epsilon, certain templates had better email marketing results. Emails deployed after a specific action experienced click rates 119% higher than “business as usual” email. These significant emails include Welcome, Abandoned Shopping Cart, Thank You and Anniversary emails.

Convince eager buyers through email marketing campaigns: There are always those would-be consumers on the verge of making their initial purchase with your brand. If you have a specific deal or policy that is particularly beneficial to the customer, make sure you convey it − flaunt it, even. Return policies or money-back guarantees are often helpful.

In an increasingly digital world, having a strong email program is important. Have the above tips helped you to increase email click-through rates or open rates?  Please share your experiences with us.


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