Featured WordPress Plugin: Mequoda Email Source Report

Marketing managers, or whoever is in charge of your email endeavors, should monitor the metrics behind email campaigns.

For organizations that are looking for a streamlined approach to monitoring their email campaign metrics, the Mequoda Development Team created the Mequoda Email Source Report plug-in.

This plug-in, which is only available to Mequoda Gold Members, creates an email performance report that provides statistical information on revenue per thousands emails sent. The data is specified by campaign and includes opens, clicks, numbers of emails sent, revenue and a calculation for revenue per thousand emails sent.

Utilizing this plug-in helps monitor which campaigns are most successful for your organization, and in turn, provides a clear direction for targeting the most profitable content, products or services that you offer.

If you are a marketing manager that wants a more efficient way of determining which email campaigns are most successful, the Mequoda Email Source Report may be the software tool you are looking for.

If you have interest in becoming a Mequoda Gold Member and obtaining this plug-in, please contact Kim Mateus for more information: Kim@Mequoda.com or via phone: 401-253-0401.


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