Getting the Most from Your Keyword Universe

A 7-step guide to the keyword universe

The keyword universe is the core to any successful online business. If content publishers or content marketers lack a keyword universe, they are basically operating in the dark – defining their online existence by assumptions and not clear factual evidence.

How is your keyword universe built and managed? For those publishers inadequately compiling keyword phrases, here are seven quick tips to remember about your keyword universe:

Keyword universe tip #1: Your keyword universe should be comprised of all the words that have the ability to bring awareness of your brand.

Keyword universe tip #2: A keyword universe is developed to have a working document of your keyword phrases so editors and marketers can use it as a targeting tool.

Keyword universe tip #3: A keyword universe typically involves several thousand relevant keyword phrases.


Keyword universe tip #4: The keyword universe should incorporate uber keyword phrases, primary keyword phrases and secondary keyword phrases. Ubers are used to group two or more primary keyword phrases for the purposes of reporting and navigation. Primaries are broad keyword phrases and secondary phrases are longer adaptations of these keywords, typically three words long at minimum.

Keyword universe tip #5: The Annual Impressions associated with each keyword phrase should be a part of your keyword universe so you know how many people are seeing your results on page one, two or three when they search.

Keyword universe tip #6: A sophisticated keyword universe includes a Google Visibility Index (GVI) so you know how visible your brand is in accordance with the keyword phrases in your keyword universe.

Keyword universe tip #7: A high quality keyword universe details your keyword competitive index (KCI), which expresses the organic competition for each keyword according to Google search statistics.


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