Predictions for Social Media in 2011

The quest of spreading New Year predictions continues

Looking back at 2010, a couple of things pop into mind.

The launch of the iPad and the popularity of mobile devices is one of the thoughts.

Social media is the other, and this one is the most impressive.

The vast majority of people I know interact with social networks, be it Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. They do this on a personal level.

On even a bigger scale, businesses everywhere have turned to social media marketing. It allows them to communicate with their audience while delivering premium information. Social media marketing has led to greater online business development for content producers and publishers.

Simply put, social media marketing has increased website traffic, visibility and even revenue for companies participating in the online landscape.

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The following predictions for social media marketing in 2011 are from a recent Mashable article.

-Social Media Marketing Prediction #1: YouTube Beats Yahoo – Video Will Convert

-Social Media Marketing Prediction #2: The Full Resurrection of E-mail

-Social Media Marketing Prediction #3: Large Companies Will Waste Money on Vanity Metrics

-Social Media Marketing Prediction #4: Ads & Conversation Will Impact Different Conversion Rates

When it comes to social media marketing in 2011, I predict more effort will go into media-rich content that will then be spread through social networks. I believe great content is the key to success and social media marketing is a great, more-personal way of spreading the good word.

For more on this topic, including in-depth analysis of the predictions above, check out Mashable’s original article.


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