SEO Copywriting – Practice Makes Perfect

Nine steps to better SEO copywriting

Do you sometimes feel like you’re cramming keywords into an article that just doesn’t flow?  Here are nine steps that can improve your SEO copywriting and make it feel more natural.

SEO Copywriting Step #1 – Write your first draft naturally. Don’t think about search engine optimization or keywords; just write whatever comes naturally.

SEO Copywriting Step #2 – Keyword research. Start with the primary and secondary keyword.  You’ll want to insert them into the body copy 8-10 times in a 500 word article. Try to keep the keyword density between 2-3%.

SEO Copywriting Step #3 – Start at the top. The meta title is often times the same as the headline and URL. So the meta title needs to focus on the primary keyword to be successful. Include at least one, if not two, keywords or phrases in the meta title.

SEO Copywriting Step #4 – Dig deeper. Target other relevant keywords or phrases from your GVR. Look at other words in your keyword clusters and continue to add phrases to the body copy.

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SEO Copywriting Step #5 – Consider the length. Google bots index content based on the first 500 words of your articles. After creating your content, work to sufficiently SEO the first 500 words of your articles.

SEO Copywriting Step #6 – Check with Google. Search other uses of your keywords in Google by putting quotation marks around them. It’s a great way to check out the competition.

SEO Copywriting Step #7 – Look for alternate keywords. Use the free Google Keyword Tool to search for additional keywords and phrases.

SEO Copywriting Step #8 – Get a second opinion. Bring it up in conversation to get an idea of how other people use the keywords you’re targeting. You might hear something that inspires a different approach.

SEO Copywriting Step #9 – Google likes lists. Any easy way to sneak in your primary keyword is with a list. Google seems to recognize this format and does not penalize you for overuse. Take a look at this article you’re reading right now. This list uses “SEO Copywriting Step #_” nine additional times.

What tips and tricks do you have for better SEO copywriting? We’re always eager to learn new things, please share your comments below.


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