Concerning the Media Habits of Your Audience…

How does your audience prefer to consume content?

Some digital publishers have it all figured out. They know their audience, it’s been the same for decades, and although some have taken to social media, not too much else has changed.

Does that scenario sound familiar to you? Or is it completely foreign?

Most publishers today are dealing with changes, not only pertaining to how they produce content, but how audience members consume it.

Digital publishers with a younger audience of individuals primarily born before 1980 have some different challenges. This audience, commonly referred to as Digital Natives, grew up with technology available to them. Computers and mobile devices aren’t revolutionary, and most know how to use these devices.

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, more Digital Natives expect content to be optimized for the smaller screens. For instance, Digital Natives are consuming email newsletters and email promotions on smartphones and tablets. If this content is not optimized for the smaller touch screens, many users will delete the email or unsubscribe from the email list.

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How Digital Natives interact with digital content has been of great interest to many executives trying to reach this demographic. We initially touched on this topic with a study we conducted with Buzz Farmers, which resulted in the Digital Native Survey.

Take some time and familiarize yourself with the video. Some of the answers may surprise you; others may lead you to strategize about digital activities differently.

There will be more coverage of digital native’s media habits at the Digital Publishing Bootcamp. Here, you will discover how their habits differ from digital immigrants – people born before 1980 – and how this group views honesty, integrity, and communications when it comes to business.

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