New Editorial Direction for ‘Playboy’s’ Digital Presence

Via Playboy

Via Playboy

Believe it or not, Playboy’s new editorial strategy for its digital editions is about written content.

With this change, it appears that Playboy’s focus is going to be more about lifestyles — with a focus on entertainment and nightlife.

Why is Playboy going this route? For starters, this new digital strategy may help the brand experience better engagement and interaction online. Digiday reports on this story, stating that the company hopes it “will help make people more comfortable with sharing its content on Facebook and elsewhere, boosting its overall audience.”

Will this change benefit Playboy? This new digital strategy may make it easier and more comforting for users to share content from Playboy, but is it the content that readers who support the brand will appreciate? The article from Digiday shares the belief that Playboy is going through an identity crisis, because it appears to be going “significantly off-brand in an attempt to capture digital audiences.”

Read more about Playboy’s new digital strategy at Digiday.

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