Shopping Profiles of Tablet Owners

Research paints a picture of the current mobile device shoppers

Reaching audiences with products is a concern that digital publishers face. The introduction of mobile devices has shown a connection with shopping and researching while shopping in person.

What does a mobile device shopper look like? If this is a question you’ve been wondering, some data from ABI Research paints a picture for you.

Smartphone ‘shoppers’

More than half of smartphone users (56%) use their smartphone while shopping. Out of those who do this, 56% are women. Out of these users, 26% respond to ads while shopping more frequently than others. Overall, these smartphone shoppers are “bargain hunters, brand loyalists and multi-taskers” more so than other smart phones owners.

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Tablet ‘shoppers’

Tablet shoppers are a bit different than smartphone users, and perhaps more important to digital content publishers. Tablet shoppers aren’t most active in stores, looking for coupons, bargains, or doing research like smartphone users. Instead, tablet users are most active during leisure time at home, while 74% are typically responsive to ads on their tablets.

Tablet shoppers are also more likely to take action from an ad across ad types. They are more likely to pay more for high quality products and 64% of tablet shoppers spend more than $20 each month from their tablet.

Which type of consumer fits your brand better? For more information on mobile devices statistics and additional profiles of mobile device users, take a look at the study from ABI Research.


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