The Holistic Approach to Digital Publishing

The Digital Publishing Bootcamp is characterized by the comprehension of all its parts

There isn’t only one piece to digital publishing that has to be understood. From how you’re going to create the best content, to how you’re going to distribute it to mobile devices, there is an entire digital strategy that needs to be addressed.

The Digital Publishing Bootcamp is one such program that focuses on the holistic aspect of digital publishing. It is designed to take all things digital, and put them in context of where they fit into your overall digital publishing strategy. It isn’t a tactics course; it’s a strategy program.

If you wanted to learn about individual topics only – like tablet computing or software systems – this is not the program for you to come to. If you are looking for limited tactical questions, the Digital Publishing Bootcamp is not for you.

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We originally designed this program for the CEO trying to sort through all the digital clutter, looking for a comprehensive, organic strategy that covers all bases so business development priorities can be set. During this program we teach business plan development, which revenue streams to target, marketing strategies, and product platforms.

Then we go beyond the pieces and teach you how to leverage them against each other, because the whole is greater than the parts.

If you are running a publishing business, it is imperative that you devise an integrated approach to your digital strategy. As far as we’ve seen, there hasn’t been anyone who has it all figured out yet.

Register early for the Digital Publishing Bootcamp and receive the lowest possible prices for this three-day intensive program at New York City’s McGraw-Hill Conference Center.


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