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Digital Publishers And Messaging Apps

via NowThis

via NowThis

Messaging apps are coming up in the world, and some digital publishers are considering them to connect with younger audience members.

NowThis is one particular digital news publisher that has tried out messaging apps and has enjoyed the response, particularly after utilizing relationships with Snapchat, Yo!, and Kik.

Yo!, a fairly new messaging app that allows users to send two-character messages, helped NowThis experience a 4,000 percent growth in Yo! subscribers.

Digiday reports on the story of NowThis and its use of messaging apps. “NowThis has also had success on one-to-one mobile messaging app Kik. Getting in early has its rewards; NowThis has 200,000 followers on Kik, more than its Twitter base of 139,000.”

According to the Digiday article, NowThis has open rates across its messaging apps of about 50 percent — rates that are higher than other platforms.

Read more about messaging apps for digital publishers at Digiday. 

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