2011’s Best Member Profile Lines!

Best Lines From the Member Profiles

We are very appreciative of the many members who took the time to fill out the member profiles this year. They did a great job and it’s something we truly could not do on our own. In tribute to them, here’s a list of 11 of the best lines of the year:

1. “I also lost almost a whole paycheck to a legislator getting taught to play poker. He went on to bigger things, too, the Governorship. It was my first and one of my few contributions to a Democrat.”
J Dale Debber, Providence Publications

2. “We sold thousands of ads and a 200,000 overrun purchased by the Diocese of Pittsburgh. It didn’t turn out to be a religious miracle, but it was an economic one for all of us.”
Jennie Phipps, Freelance Success

3. “I only had $12 in my pocket, but by sunrise I was looking up at the skyscrapers and listening to Billy Joel sing ‘New York State of Mind’ on my walkman. Three days later I started as a researcher making $5/hour at B2B publisher Lebhar-Friedman, a company I was with for 13 years.”
Torry Burdick, Mortgage Success Source

4. “I became a hippy student radical in a sea of religious conservatism and started a successful underground newspaper. There I learned to question authority.”
James Sinkinson, Infocom Group

5. “I was born and raised in the Big Smoke, or London as you guys over the pond will call it.”
Ricky Warren, Research Ltd.

6. “Immediately out of university I was accepted as a volunteer overseas with VSO (the U.K. version of Peace Corps). I was posted to Papua New Guinea to teach English… and remained there in the middle of the jungle for the next five years.”
Caroline Frost, Informa Business Information

7. “…with mine safety and health law, I thought that I could make a difference. I always hoped that people would read and share my stories and actually change their behavior so they would not get hurt in mining.”
Ellen Smith, Mine Safety and Health News

8. “It may sound cliché, but I’ve always known I would be in publishing. When I was little I was making a ‘neighborhood newsletter,’ complete with youth soccer scores and word-finds.”
Lindsay Konzak, Modern Distribution Management/Gale Media

9. “No one grows up wanting to be a conference producer, but it seemed like an odd enough choice for me at the time.”
Russell Lawson, Optimus Education

10. “I’ll never forget cold-calling Bernie Goldhirsh, the founder of Inc. Magazine in my effort to break into publishing. ‘Mr. Goldhirsh, I love your magazine!’ I blurted when I sensed his receiver heading for the hook. His hesitation, piqued by my honest passion (and perhaps my hungry desperation—Bernie loved a bargain), led to my first publishing job as business manager of that magazine.”
Roger B. Wilson, Jr., The Conference Department, Inc.

11. “…life is a comedy. Laugh often, love passionately and make sure to smile every single day.”
Andy Tarczon, The Diffusion Group


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