Digital Management for Online Publishers

Digital publishers and online business owners: think about how your role has changed since you’ve transformed from print to digital.

I’m sure your skills have remained, and perhaps grown stronger through trial and error and learning from others.

However, the management aspect of your job has definitely changed. You are required to not only have your employees trained in the best strategies for online business success (that you are likely unknowledgeable about), you need to delegate how they spend their time. It’s a different world than you’re used to operating in.


One major issue that online publishers run into is the aspect of prioritizing time and attention. There are multiple ways to succeed online, but you cannot focus on all of them. You need to determine the best opportunities, make sure your staff is trained to undertake them and set a timeline for their actions.

If you’ve been running a business for years and have recently turned digital, there is a lot to learn. Digital management coaching is a solution to uncovering best practices, training your staff and delegating priorities.

For information on our management training options, contact Kim Mateus via email or by phone at 401-293-0401.


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