Event Marketing for Publishers: Stop Asking for Event Sign-Ups!

Event MarketingOut with the old, and in with the new, when it comes to event marketing and promotion

As event organizers, we send lots and lots AND LOTS of emails to get attendee registrations. After all, that’s the idea–to get as many people as possible to attend our niche events, right?

We’re all tempted to do it. It’s hard to stop ourselves and we are not particularly proud of it… but don’t do it!

I was reminded why recently when I received 4 email efforts in just one week from the same event producer with basically with the same message– “Register Now!

Stop begging, pleading and repeatedly asking for the same event registration in the same way to the same audience. You’ll annoy them at best and possibly drive them crazy too.

It’s definitely the fastest way to get unsubscribes and for potential attendees not to pay attention to anything you say! It is so much more effective to mix up the message and not repeat the email efforts so much.

Here are 5 easy ways to wage a more effective email campaign for your niche event: 

  1. Contact your social media-savvy speakers and help them craft great content. Have a soft message about the event where they’re speaking.
  2. Create and send out a video chat with some of your speakers and real content.
  3. Do an email trade with other similar events so the message is getting out to a new audience.
  4. Send a fun promo in the mail with a token from your event’s host city.
  5. Have some of your best marketing sponsors do a give-away for a free pass to their prospects and customers.

You want to send out super-fresh content and even experiment a little. Do anything other than bugging the heck out of your prospect list with a repeated, obvious message. Resist the urge to send that quickie. Mix it up, my event friends!!


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