Facebook Big For Magazine Publishers

via eMarketer

via eMarketer

Which social network do you think works best for magazine publishers who want their content to get liked? If you guessed Facebook, you guessed correctly.

According to an article from eMarketer which looked at data from MPA and SocialFlow, “Facebook’s share of “likes” and followers worldwide of US magazine brands on social net

works was nearly 50%. This was way ahead of second-place Twitter and No. 3 Google+.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean that other social networks and platforms should be ignored. As a micropublishing website, Twitter is valuable to publishers. Pinterest is also growing. According to the report, Pinterest only received 5.1% like/follower share, but it’s growing. “the research found that the photo-sharing service experienced higher growth levels in number of followers than any of the other social sites studied during September and October 2014: 9.4% in September and an even more impressive 10.6% in October.”

Read more about Facebook and magazines at eMarketer. 

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