Facebook for Publishers: Will Facebook Become More Valuable?

via Wikipedia Commons

via Wikipedia Commons

Facebook may be releasing a content-recommendation initiative, reports Digiday. If this is the case, the social media giant will be following the moves of other socially-involved websites like Yahoo and Google.

Digiday shares insight on Facebook activities as of late. “Recently, the social giant started suggesting related articles to users under News Feed posts they’ve clicked, and a natural next step would be to charge publishers or brands to promote recommendations. With people increasingly clicking on this, Facebook has a real opportunity to monetize the mounts of data it has been collecting on users’ reading habits, a fact not lost on industry experts.”

If Facebook does release this functionality, it may become important for digital publishers by driving more traffic to their content, and for advertising purposes. Publishers could supply space to third-party advertisements, making their digital real estate even more valuable.

Read more about Facebook’s possible content-recommendation initiative at Digiday.

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