Focusing on the Most Popular Mobile Activities

What is the purpose of a mobile site?

There are three activities publishers should focus on while considering their mobile initiatives.

First, there is email. According to ExactTarget, 88 percent of smartphone owners reported checking email on their device at least once a day. The smartphone market is still currently growing and is expected to include one billion owners by 2016. Are you ready for this massive market of users looking to engage through mobile?

Next, there is social media. Mobile devices are used to communicate with social networks on the go.

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Finally, there is retail activity. People research products on mobile devices, compare prices, and make purchases.

Are you well versed in each of these initiatives? Do you have a great email program in place, complete with a high open rate, click-through rate, and a history of product sales? Is your social media program driving website traffic and creating conversations? Do you have a well-optimized online storefront that is secure and easy to use?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, we can help.


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