Meredith Offering New Multiplatform Publishing

via Better Homes and Gardens

via Better Homes and Gardens

Connected TV is getting popular these days, and expected to continually grow in popular, with a prediction that 75% of TVs will be internet-connected by 2017. This information is discussed in an article from InContext, which also reports on Meredith’s launch of Better Homes and Gardens streaming on Connected TV.

Meredith decided its foray into Connected TV should be approached with Better Homes and Gardens opposed to any of its other titles. Laura Rowley, Vice President, Video Production and Product for the Meredith, believes the host Jackie Tranchida will uphold the brand’s authenticity. “Maintaining that brand authenticity is essential as Better Homes and Gardens continues to build out its multiplatform strategy. Collaboration with the editorial team is a key factor in ensuring this consistency.”

Following in the footsteps of Better Homes and Gardens will be Parents, which will debut a Connected TV program called Baby Sleep 911.

Read more about Meredith’s muliplatform publishing upgrade at InContext.

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