MPA-IMAG Conference Coverage: Optimizing Advertising Sales – Print and Online

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What You’ll Like and Dislike about Selling Online Advertising

Dan Ambrose, Managing Director of Ambro Corp moderated a panel titled “Optimizing Advertising Sales: Print and Online”. On his website, he explains that selling ads is not like selling products or services, “Advertising sales is all about salesmanship” he says; “Greater sales skills will make more and bigger sales. And a media company that understands and executes the sales and marketing of advertising with excellence will gain sales and market share over time, growing nearly without limits.”

These are some pointers about selling online advertising that were delivered by Ambrose:

What you’ll like:

  1. environment
  2. size
  3. targeting
  4. creative
  5. selling larger deals
  6. client and agency interest in your creative ideas
  7. shortage of high quality Internet inventory for you to sell

What you’ll dislike:

  1. client and agency obsession with click rates
  2. short time frames to compete for business and to execute after winning the bid
  3. after-the-sale client care, especially about optimization
  4. client and agency demand for creative (at the last minute) that they’ll never use

Ambrose is a fan of duplication and says the best way to approach online advertising is by selling what he calls “hybrid media” – a combination of print and online. Create your advertising package to include the type of media that reaches your entire audience, both online and offline.

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