New Media Trends: LinkedIn Becomes More Relevant

LinkedIn adds Signal for relevant real-time feeds

Linkedin Signal - New Media Trends

A relevant and actionable stream of professional insights in real time.

New Media Trend: LinkedIn announced their latest endeavor to become more relevant – LinkedIn Signal. It combines status updates with your specific search terms. The goal is to streamline your news feed with relevant data, the stuff you really want to be updated on.

Filter – LinkedIn Signal offers eight filters to refine your stream. You can narrow or expand your view of the stream based on one or all of the following filters: Network, Industry, Company, Time published, Geo / Region, School or most popular hash tags.

Search – Select specific keywords or topics you’d like to keep up to date on. This could also be your favorite public personalities or a colleague whose updates you’d like to find quickly.

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Rich Content – Signal shows all the media rich content shared by LinkedIn users in real time. You will see an alert at the top of the stream once new data is available, similar to Twitter.

Trending Links – Signal displays the most popular links shared in status updates, across any relevant topic in your search, updated to the minute. You can also see who is sharing those trending links and refine by industry, company and region; A great way to track who is sharing your content.

Saved Searches – You can create and save your personalized LinkedIn stream, making it very easy to access daily.

I have actually used Signal and it’s pretty cool. It does exactly what it says in serious real-time speed. I like the filter and search features to refine my news feed to exactly what I’m researching at that moment, which changes from day-to-day. I’m happy to see the rich media thumbnails too, not just text. The real time trending topics and tracking tools are a welcomed addition. If more professionals try it, I think they’ll be hooked, it could even beat out Twitter.

Please click on the following link to signup for LinkedIn Signal:

Have you already tried this new media trend? Please share your thoughts.


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