Profitably Control Website Traffic

Capture more revenue from your website traffic

Having an efficient, all encompassing Internet marketing system requires discipline.

You need constant attention to identify problems and repair them.

The difficulty for most publishers is that, at first, Internet marketing problems are totally unpredictable. That’s because, as publishers, we’re not used to working online.

We solve a problem one day, only to realize that it has caused another one to materialize. It’s frustrating.

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For example, you may have solved your website traffic problem, shooting unique and repeat visitor counts through the roof.

This is a feat in itself, but if your website is not designed to handle the traffic this can cause a huge problem. Your carefully designed traffic sources can become wasted effort.

For example, if you have organic search traffic dropping onto random pages of your website, how can you guarantee that those people will become paying customers?

The fact is you can’t because you are not controlling where the traffic is directed. You have no control over what products visitors are offered or what ads they view.

This is a costly problem. Leaving your website traffic unmanaged wastes conversions and money.

Organic search should not be your only concern, either. Everything from PPC ads to links in press releases should send users to controlled pages that maximize conversions.

Leaving website traffic sources unmanaged is equal to having a store full of customers and telling the clerk to ignore most of them.

It’s bad business, and it’s wasted revenue.

    Dylan B.

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