Twitter For Publishers During The Holiday Season

via eMarketer

via eMarketer

Twitter is an influencing agent, there’s no doubt about that. We’ve seen numerous digital publishers use the social platform as a main audience development tool, and now DB5 is releasing data on how Twitter helps retailing during the holiday season.

eMarketer is reporting on this story. “Over half of the 2,100 Twitter users ages 13 and older who were surveyed said that the promotions they learned about on Twitter motivated them to purchase an item they otherwise may not have. Fifty-two percent also reported learning about a product they later purchased for the first time on Twitter.”

It does seem, however, that Twitter’s influence in the purchasing process is more impactful with millennials than some other groups. Some other studies, namely a study from 2013 conducted by Baynote, showed that for in-store purchases Twitter was not incredibly important, falling behind search, Facebook and Pinterest.

Read more about Twitter and holiday shopping at eMarketer.

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