Circulation Rising for Newspaper’s E-Editions

New data shows a 20% increase for top digital newspapers

New data from the Audit Bureau of Circulations’ Fas-Fax show a rise in circulation for the top 25 newspapers with digital editions.

This 20% increase, as of last March, had total digital circulation at 1,630,125. The year prior had a circulation of 1,363,212.

The Wall Street Journal was among the top of the list for individual publishers, with a rise in circulation of 1.2%. Subscriptions to its electronic editions rose 21.9%.

Digital editions

The rise in digital editions sold, especially for the Wall Street Journal, is due to an array of devices, from Apple and Google products to e-readers like the Kindle. For WSJ, the digital subscriptions are available through their website.

For the Detroit Free Press, which placed second in the top 25, digital versions consumed via users’ computers was more popular than viewing the content on e-readers.

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Digital editions for online publishers

This data clearly shows that readers are warming up to digital content. As sales for devices like the iPad are predicted to increase during the next few years, the digital landscape is beginning to look more promising for publishers.

To provide users with an option, online publishers should design a subscription website so they can offer content directly to the consumer. This way, the publisher can nurture a relationship with the consumer while presenting them with content on a regular basis, to the preferred platform.

Publishers also need to present digital editions that include added value. Repackaging print content isn’t enough; there is a need for extra media to enhance the experience and lead consumers to truly desire digital editions going forward.

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