How to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates with eCover Generator

An eBook author and publisher I met at a recent Internet marketing conference is a big fan of a simple $97 software program called eCover Generator that makes eBook covers, software boxes, CD covers and covers for just about any other information product you can name.

Executive Summary

  • Images of your information products are one key to higher conversion rates
  • eCover Generator offers a simple path for adding high-quality images that will increase your landing page conversion rates
  • While A/B split testing is best, sequential testing can do the job

I love networking at conferences. I often learn more from the attendees than from the faculty. I’m also delighted to see the level of sharing. It certainly makes my job as a journalist easier. The following account was shared over lunch at a recent Internet marketing conference about a simple $97 software program called eCover Generator. While the publisher of eCover Generator sells it as a time and money saver, the eBook publisher I met had a different perspective—eCover Generator increased his response rates by 31 percent on his best selling product—generating an annual revenue increase of more than $150,000. He tells me he has had similar increases on all his information products since he began using eCover Generator.

Opportunity: The author and publisher had a great line of eBooks on a hot niche topic and equally great sales letters. He sheepishly admits, however, that he just never thought “putting a picture of an eBook on the sales letter landing page or order flow was a big deal.”


Wrong. Using eCover Generator, he created a handsome, three dimensional cover for his best selling eBook. He says the process took him a couple of hours, including selecting the artwork, writing the copy and generating the cover image.

Results: I wish I could tell you he ran an A/B test. He did not. He did add the image to the top of his best selling eBook’s sales letter and in several other places. For the month before the change, his total PPC conversion rate was 5.4 percent. For the first 30 days after the test, his landing page conversion rate increased to 7.1 percent, which is a 31 percent increase in landing page conversion.

Bonus: He methodically used eCover Generator to create and add product images to all his other eBooks, CDs, DVDs and software. In every case, he reports that his landing page conversion rate increased by “20 to a high of 40 percent” on his various products.

Lesson: eCover Generator is a cool product.

Bigger Lesson: Adding well-done, professional, informative images to your sales letters will increase your landing page conversion rates.

Note: As always, the details of the case have been modified to protect the identity of the publisher and the program.


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