Increasing Visits with Free Content

Celebrity news continues to dominate the blogosphere while the nation’s top newspaper slips in rank

The April results of the Mequoda Blog100 are posted, and celebrity news hub TMZ continues to dominate our list of the top 100 media blogs in the US.

The biggest change this month is the hit USAToday took in unique visitor counts—losing over 590,000 and dropping from number two to number three in the ranking.

The number two spot held by USAToday since January was taken by the crass celebrity news blog, which climbed two spots from number four and had over 78,000 more unique visitors in April than in March.

PerezHilton has under a third of the unique visitor count of competitor TMZ, but the number of sessions, page views and seconds spent per visitor on PerezHilton are much higher. This means Perez is more effective at attracting repeat visitors, while TMZ has a larger audience.

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Either way, both of these pop media mavericks execute the blog business model marvelously. They generate loads of advertising inventory with regularly updated, free content.

Take a look at the Blog100 to find out how the best blogs in the US are making money with strategies that drive monthly unique visitor counts into the hundreds of thousands. The topics represented go well beyond celebrity news and into:

  • Tech gadgets
  • Interior design
  • Political commentary
  • Videos
  • Cars
  • Local and international news
  • And many others

Mequoda Group and Compete will be continually monitoring over 300 of America’s most popular media blogs and reporting the top 100 every month. The Mequoda Blog 100 is based on monthly US unique visitor counts, aggregating multiple-blog sites across the publication.


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