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7 Great Web Magazine Libraries We Love

How these innovative publishers built web magazine libraries that are comprehensive, user-friendly and make an easy up-sell from print.
A web magazine library is an archive of your content going back many years, likely since the beginning. When done right, you can upsell a substantial number of would-be magazine subscribers to this higher-end, and higher priced product that requires

3 Subscription Websites Seeing Major Growth

Subscription websites can be a major revenue stream for savvy digital publishers. Today we’re looking at some examples of this from major publishers.

We begin with The Atlantic, a subscription website publisher who is experiencing significant growth with its membership program. Digiday reports, “The Masthead has grown the program gradually, testing it with a small beta group of 250 before opening it up to subscribers for $100 a year. This week, membership was opened to everyone, at a price of $120 a year. Starting narrow has enabled The Atlantic to isolate the feedback of its most devoted readers. It’s been testing different content formats in email to the group and asked recipients to grade them on a scale of one to five.”

Digital Magazines Launching New Editions While Print Magazines Change

Digital magazines continue their development while some print publications go out of fashion. Today we’re reporting on some new cases of print magazines being shuttered for more emphasis on digital magazines.

We begin with T Magazine, published by NYT, and it’s recent change. MediaPost reports, “T magazine, The New York Times’ style magazine, has reduced its publishing frequency — from 13 to 11 issues a year.”

Digital Magazine Sales Up, According to Study

Digital magazine sales surveyed among 14 of the top magazine publishers are skyrocketing on a single-copy level, according to a recent Pew Research Center study. Year-over-year website traffic is on the rise, as well, reports.

Two Weeks Left to Save – Register Now Before Vacation!

Put down the sunscreen and register before summer fever sets in
So, look, I know you’re headed on vacation in the next week or so, but we have an early bird deadline coming up for our first ever one-day Digital Magazine Publishing Workshop, and I don’t want you to forget.

If you want to attend for the

12 Case Studies of Publishers Who Have Blazed the Trail to Success

Mequoda wants no publisher to be left behind
I can talk until I’m blue in the face about how well the Mequoda Method works in helping legacy print magazine publishers make the business-critical transition to the digital age.

That doesn’t mean anyone should take my word for it.

When you attend our Digital Magazine Publishing Workshop, you’ll learn

A Step-by-Step Roadmap for Making the Digital Conversion

If you’ve been reading here about the journey from legacy print publishing to digital magazine publishing, it may sound almost too confusing to contemplate
The journey involves everything from creating a magazine edition you may never even have heard of before – the web edition – to pricing to marketing on social media to upgrading print

How to Upsell Print-Only Subscribers into More Expensive Digital Packages

Learn everything from pricing to copy platforms, and watch the print-to-digital upgrades roll in
The beauty of the digital era in publishing is that it doesn’t just give you a new option for your existing audience to choose.

It delivers the opportunity to expand that audience, create several new premium products, drive more orders per promotion, and

How to Run an Integrated Marketing Campaign

Set up your marketing based on data and continual improvement to reap big profits
One thing that troubles publishers who are planning to make the move to multiplatform publishing is how to promote so many different products, especially given the new marketing channels that are available to us in the digital age.

As we’ve noted here before,

The Prices, Offers, and Incentives You Must Test Now

There’s no such thing as publishing a magazine.

The fact is, if you want to transition your business from the traditional print model to 21st-century publishing – and the profits it promises – you have to publish five different magazine editions of every title in your portfolio.

Mequoda has learned from decades of experience that these five are absolutely crucial to successful digital publishing. And many traditional print publishers have learned, to their sorrow, that digital publishing is crucial to their very survival in the modern age.

If that sounds alarming, we can assure you it’s completely achievable – more on that below. But first, let’s consider all five of those editions that we’ve identified as the very heart of our Gold Members’ publishing empires.

The Five Magazine Editions You Should Consider

There’s no such thing as publishing a magazine.

The fact is, if you want to transition your business from the traditional print model to 21st-century publishing – and the profits it promises – you may have to publish up to five different magazine editions of every title in your portfolio, with three of the five being table stakes.

Mequoda has learned from decades of experience that having multiple platform editions is crucial to successful digital publishing. And many traditional print publishers have learned, to their sorrow, that digital publishing is crucial to their very survival in the modern age. We’ll tell you all about it at our Digital Magazine Publishing Workshop on Tuesday, Aug. 2 in Boston.

If that sounds alarming, we can assure you it’s completely achievable – more on that below. But first, let’s consider all five of those editions that we’ve identified as the very heart of our Gold Members’ publishing empires.

Digital Magazine Archives: How the Legacies Monetize Theirs

Mequoda Members have fully grasped for a while now that digital magazine archives can do wonders for your multiplatform publishing and audience development efforts. Others, like Rolling Stone, are just catching on!

Scientific American Pricing: When Good Publishers Go Bad

What is a “lifetime” product? At Scientific American, it’s their brand-new all-access bundle of print magazine, digital and a massive 150,000-article archive, dating back to the magazine’s first issue in August 1845.

Digital Magazine Replicas Are Way Up in Canada

Marketing Mag Canada is reporting that new AAM numbers on digital replicas have tripled in the last year. In December 2012, the digital replica circulation was 42,000.

Who’s Winning the Subscription Website Publishing Wars?

Subscription website publishing: It’s the core of every publishing business today. The website is where you drive traffic, post content to enthrall your audience and sell lots of products, including digital and print subscriptions.

The health of your subscription website publishing endeavors dictates everything else you do.

Job Posting: Director of Online Publishing and Interactive Media

The Director of Online Publishing and Interactive Media will manage CSPI’s online content publishing Web site, A business plan and strategy are in place for this highly visible online presence for CSPI and Nutrition Action Healthletter content, and this position will regularly measure and report on key program metrics and adjust the strategy and plan as necessary.

Classifying Your Brand to the Digital Audience

Digital magazine publishing success requires a broad footprint that audience members are aware of

The number of digital magazine sales continues to increase. Recently, Cosmopolitan became the first Hearst Magazine brand to reach 100,000 paid individual subscriptions. Cumulatively, Hearst has sold over a half million digital subscriptions, and expects to hit one million by 2012’s end.

Conde Nast reported reaching half a million digital subscribers during the fall of 2011. At that time, 225,000 of those digital subscribers were receiving the magazine content in digital format only.

The Disconnect of Women and the Tech World

Connecting the Dots Between Women and Entrepreneurship

“Women start only around 3 percent of the nation’s technology companies. They are almost absent in high-level technology positions. [Although read the article about Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg in The New Yorker—really interesting.] They contribute to fewer than 5 percent of all I.T. patents and 1.2 percent of open-source software.”

Twitter Chat Set to Debut on Wednesday!

SIPA’s First-Ever Twitter Chat Set for Wednesday

On July 6, 2011, the nation’s first White House Twitter Town Hall took place. After an introduction by Twitter creator Jack Dorsey, President Obama walked into the room like Jay Leno, shaking hands with invited guests as he made his way to the podium where a laptop computer was waiting for him. It took him a little while to type the first Tweet to get the conversation going—prompting Dorsey to remind him that “you only get 140 characters.” Finally, the video screen revealed the President’s question: “in order to reduce the deficit, what costs would you cut and what investments would you keep – bo”

Starting next Wednesday, Oct. 19, SIPA will be following in those presidential Tweetsteps by hosting a weekly Twitter chat to be held every Wednesday from noon – 1 p.m. Eastern time. Complete instructions for how to take part will be published shortly on our website and in this space—and, of course, will be tweeted as well to our followers. The first week’s topic is “Defining Specialty Publications: How do you define and market yourself in your niche area?” Given the traffic on Twitter, we expect a big “turnout” and a spirited discussion on many of the issues you care most about.

Getting a Good Read on Typefaces…

‘Just My Type’ Hits Home for Publishers

One thing that won’t change in future Avatar installments: the film’s font, Papyrus. Some internet pundits were appalled that Avatar’s poster and subtitles would use the commonplace typeface, but [director James] Cameron shrugs off their criticisms. “You know, I’m not a font snob,” he laughed. “It’s not exactly Papyrus—I think originally it was, and then we sort of riffed on it and made it our own. It just struck me as kind of a tribal-looking font. I didn’t even know it was the Papyrus font, really.”
—From Movieline (and in “Just My Type”)

Who knew that there was so much to say about fonts? Prolific author Simon Garfield—“The Nation’s Favourite,” “The Last Journey of William Huskisson” and “The Wrestling”—has given them new 21st century life in his book, “Just My Type.” Among other things, the book explains why the T in the Beatles logo is longer than the other letters, how Comic Sans captured the world—there’s a whole chapter called “We Don’t Serve Your Type” devoted to that controversial font—and how Gotham helped win the U.S. presidency in 2008.

Kiplinger Offers 8 Keys to Financial Success

Kiplinger Sounds the Right Keynote

In an introduction before a speech at Auburn University’s College of Human Sciences Women’s Philanthropy Board exactly a year ago, the presenter asked the audience to give featured speaker Knight Kiplinger a “warm rock star’s welcome.”

“Rock star, wait until I tell my children,” Kiplinger, the editor in chief of The Kiplinger Washington Editors, said with a smile. “If they heard that phrase put on me as a tag, they would be thinking of geology rather than music. They would be thinking sedimentary rock and metamorphic rock and rocks a million years old.”

Hewitt Offers Case Study in Social Media Success

Hewitt to bring real-world success to SIPA 2011

Perry Hewitt, Harvard University’s director of digital communications and communications services—and SIPA 2011’s keynote speaker for Monday afternoon, June 6—will offer a successful blueprint for winning in today’s digital world. She will present a case study of how Harvard University has embraced the digital age and also unveil some amazing decisions that allowed the prestigious school to stay at the forefront of knowledge building and creation.

A story last month in the Boston Herald described the atmosphere that Hewitt has helped to create. The article began: “Harvard University is a case study in using social media. ranked the birthplace of Facebook as the most social media-savvy college in the nation for its use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other tools to communicate with students, parents, alumni and others.”

Digital Training has Become Formal in 2011

Interweave certifies 85 employees in content marketing best practices

In the past, some employees would take it upon themselves to become acquainted with digital skills necessary in performing their jobs effectively.

In today’s competitive online landscape, the most successful online publishers are turning to formal training.

SEO Campaign Management 2011

Order this new, 90-minute webinar, co-sponsored by Mequoda and SIPA, and discover how to increase visibility, email conversions and revenue with search engine optimized content.

Week In Review: August 2nd, 2010 – August 6th, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week…

Jewelry Making Daily Publishing Case Study: Interweave Launches Another Online Community with its Proven Content Marketing Strategy

A Google keyword visibility strategy and valuable, highly targeted content are fundamental to this experienced online publishing enterprise

If you have ever doubted the value of keyword research and search engine optimization, consider the enviable success of Interweave, a unit of Aspire Media. It’s one of the nation’s largest and most respected arts and craft media companies, with businesses in magazine and book publishing, online media, television and video programming, directories and events.

Interweave’s extensive Internet network of more than 30 websites and eight online communities, which includes some of the most popular art- and craft-enthusiast destinations on the web, recently added a community for anyone interested in creating handmade jewelry.

SEO Campaign Management Webinar tomorrow!

A higher website ranking and conversion rate are virtually guaranteed when you learn the secrets of using free reports to build email circulation.

Get Trained on SEO Campaign Management!

SEO experts tell all about using free reports to build email circulation

Wall Street Journal Media Pyramid Case Study

Does this legacy publisher translate from print to online?
With so many newspapers going out of business, how has the Wall Street Journal not only survived but thrived?

Internet Business Models: Why Newspaper Publishers Should Reconsider Their “Print or Die” Strategy

When newspaper publishers close their doors, have they considered their ever-growing digital options?

It’s all doom and gloom in the newspaper industry right now, from the news that four Michigan Markets will lose their newspapers, to the bill being introduced that asks newspapers be declared non-profit.

Interweave Seeks Email Marketing Manager

Interweave Seeks eMail Marketing Manager

JEGI Advises University Health Publishing Group in Sale to MediZine

MediZine LLC, a leading consumer health education company, has acquired the assets of University Health Publishing Group (UHPG). With its 24-year history of consumer health information and education in collaboration with two of the most esteemed universities in the country – Johns Hopkins University and the University of California, Berkeley, UHPG provides millions of readers worldwide with a variety of print and online subscription-based products. Terms were not disclosed.

Interweave Announces Acquisition of American Artist, Drawing, Watercolor, and Workshop Magazines from Nielsen Business Media

Interweave’s acquisition of the oldest, continuously published magazine for painters and three related publications expands its footprint into arts media, entering the drawing and painting markets for the first time

Publishers Using Twitter

Traditional Publishers Are Distributing their Content and Brand via Twitter with both a hands-off RSS approach and a hands-on personal approach

Increasing Visits with Free Content

Celebrity news continues to dominate the blogosphere while the nation’s top newspaper slips in rank

The April results of the Mequoda Blog100 are posted, and celebrity news hub TMZ continues to dominate our list of the top 100 media blogs in the US.

The biggest change this month is the hit USAToday took in unique visitor counts—losing over 590,000 and dropping from number two to number three in the ranking.

Lending Tree Lead Generation Website Case Study

LendingTree: Making Matches…Making Money

Web watchers were skeptical when launched in 1998. Despite the surging use of the Internet during the 1990s, those in the know had doubts whether consumers would trust posting their financial information online. For that very reason, banking institutions, as you may recall, were among the slowest—let’s say the most careful—to transact business via the Web. Privacy issues remain, of course, but LendingTree LLC has proven that consumers are very much interested in shopping online—even for loans—and lenders, in turn, are willing to pay for those leads. Classified Website Case Study

eBay: People, Places, and Lots of Things

Just as the Internet was blossoming in the mid-90s, software engineer Pierre Omidyar established the world’s first online auction site for mostly personal reasons. His fiancée (now wife) Pam—an avid collector of PEZ™ candy dispensers—was having difficulty finding other collectors with whom she could trade. Sitting in his living room in San Jose, California, Omidyar solved her dilemma—and that of millions of other collectors and traders in years to come. He created eBay. Website Design Review

Giving credit where it is due: a cornucopia of useful information for industry professionals and an exemplary business-to-business website. Website Design Review claims to be the largest online auto insurance agency in the United States. In a May of 2004 press release, it announced results of a survey showing that its customers have saved $600 or more a year on auto insurance. Through its marketing partnerships with AOL, MSN, Yahoo, eBay and Google, said it has sold more than 100,000 auto insurance policies, resulting in millions of dollars saved by consumers.

Interview: Stanley Roberts, Review Membership Website Publisher

Interview with Stanley Roberts, a television videographer whose membership website publishes restaurant and lodging reviews.

When we first reported on last month, we were in envy of this website and its business model, so we decided to ask its publisher for more details. His answers are candid, informative and entertaining.