Hybrid Landing Pages: The Priority Code Landing Page

The priority code landing page lets you know where sales leads originate in order to control advertising expenses.

The priority code landing page is a hybrid dedicated landing page that’s part of the online order flow. A publisher might drive users to a priority code landing page where they can enter a proprietary combination of letters or numbers (alphanumeric code) in order to qualify for a special discount or express service.

Ads from external media generally drive users to Internet website priority code landing pages. Often, offers made in print, such as coupons in newsletters and magazines, and other non-Internet media employ individual priority codes to track response.

The priority code that the user enters refers back to the list and package, or the publication and the issue, that generated the sale or inquiry. This information enables the publisher to manage its media budget and know what’s working best.

Some “intelligent” priority code landing pages are used to route the user into the “right” order flow and price. Other priority code landing pages are used only for email capture, not for discounts or promotions, and will allow users to proceed whether they enter a code or not.

Some publishers find that it is still viable to use direct postal mail and traditional space advertising to drive traffic online and build email circulation — even to sell products online.


Unique URLs for priority code landing pages

If you’re looking for more website visitors, include a code in one of your advertisements that users can enter for a discount or a free product. Of course, the web address your advertisement points to must be a priority code landing page with adequate conversion architecture.

Additionally, when preparing print ads, don’t forget that a priority code landing page should have a unique URL, not one that you’re using on your website that can be found by search engines. This will enable you to know that the only traffic coming to the unique URL is the result of your offline effort.

When selecting a URL to use in your print ads and direct mail campaigns, choose one that’s easy to remember and spell. Adding extra hyphens, using a free .info address, and otherwise trying to be clever will only frustrate the user when he’s trying to remember it later on.

An exemplary priority code landing page

Student Health 101 is both a print and digital online newsletter. The Student Health 101 priority code landing page is referenced in both its direct mail and space advertising programs.

Clicking the Read More button takes the user to an excellent sales letter landing page for users to learn more about the Student Health 101 program. Clicking the Join Now button takes the user to an order flow.


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