Existing Customers Most Important For Publishers

via Folio

via Folio

Existing customers already know your brand, your content, and how you operate. They don’t have as much to learn about you as new customers do.

Existing customers are valuable to your publication, and a new survey from Folio and Hallmark Data details just how valuable existing customers are to publishers.

This survey focused on 184 publishing executives who work in executive management, marketing, editorial, and audience development.

Here’s a look at some of the findings: “In measuring key performance indictors, respondents gave the highest rating (a 3.95 average) on a 1-to-5 scale to the importance of retention rate of “active and engaged customers.” Just behind, with a 3.68 average, was lifetime value.”

Ranked last in this survey was “acquire more customers.”

On the subject of retention rate and acquisition, publishers are most interested in “market share, percentage of total audience engaged.”

It’s clear that the engaged audience member is the publisher’s best friend.

Read more about this at Folio.

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