Directory Landing Pages

Directory Landing Pages: home, topic and category pages that list article or glossary landing pages.

A directory landing page is an organic landing page.

These are landing pages that must both attract targeted website traffic and convert visitors into subscribers, buyers or registered users. These pages are most often associated with search engine optimization (SEO), but are also used for attracting any type of organic traffic (referrals where the referring website’s algorithm or operator is making the decision to link to your website). This would include any text link given by a webmaster or editor who is referencing one of your webpages as a source of good information on a topic.

Organic Landing Pages must first attract and then convert, hence website designers insert things like OFIEs (order forms in editorial), OFINs (order forms in navigation), floater order forms, display ads, text ads and simple text links to start the conversion process.

There are three types of Organic Landing Pages that we identified at this point—each with its own unique information architecture designed to pull traffic in and initiate a transaction.


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