Website strategy questions for online advertising agency?


Can you give us any advice on the website strategy for an online advertising agency?

The website we are constructing is intended to convert leads for our digital marketing services. Have you reviewed an ad agency site?

We are planning on having two main calls-to-action:

(1) Free digital performance analysis of their business, which will send users to a sales force CRM capture page. Our response will be to call them and to set up an exploratory meeting.

(2) Free report and free newsletter to build relationships. Again our response will be to call them to set up an exploratory meeting based on their interest in our free report.


While we have not documented any ad agency websites, here’s how we recommend you proceed:

Break your online agency into five websites featuring tabbed global navigation

(1) Daily Blog — a periodical hub and website version of your free email newsletter.

(2) Free Reports — a retail website for your free downloadable reports with registration.

(3) Free Performance Analysis — a lead generation website for your digital performance analysis service offer.

(4) Marketing Services — a reference hub that describes the services available from your agency.

(5) About Us — a website network overview with links to the other four tabs.

The structure would be quite similar to the Mequoda Daily Network, with the exception of the Marketing Services tab, which is a bit underdeveloped on our site. Another example of this website type is iProspect. Note the tabs in the left navigation panel.



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