Two Tips on Mobile Usability Testing

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses tips on mobile publishing strategies for usability, design and content distribution

(Nationwide)—For online publishers, mobile page views and clicks can mean more revenue. For online retailers, mobile ecommerce is emerging for smart phones and portable devices like netbooks and tablets.

Mobile is a hot topic. New technology is being created and purchased by users who thrive on the advancements. Online advertising is everywhere, and focusing specific content towards your audience can help create stronger relationships with those always on the go.

For online publishers or online retailers starting to toy with the idea of mobile site design, here are two tips that are sure to help along the way:

Mobile design tip #1: Pay attention to user input. Not all mobile devices are created equally. They differ in size and layout, but also in the ways users input information on them. The use of keyboards, numeric keypads, stylus and dial-wheels should be taken into account. It helps greatly knowing what devices your audience uses the most.

Mobile design tip #2: Make it feel natural. Mobile devices are designed for the hands of users. Make sure you can hold, rotate,  and rock the device you are testing the prototype on.

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