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Carl Kravetz and Dra. Aliza Lifshitz Inducted into the Mequoda Hall of Fame

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief at Vida y Salud added to Mequoda Hall of Fame

Recently at the Mequoda Summit, we inducted two new members into the Mequoda Hall of Fame.

Dra. Aliza Lifshitz, editor-in-chief, and Carl Kravetz, publisher, of Vida y Salud were inducted to the Mequoda Hall of Fame due to their outstanding ability to turn Vida y Salud into an amazing online business.

Within 10 months of starting Vida y Salud, the website received over one million unique visitors. Many online businesses never reach this milestone, yet Vida was able to before its first anniversary.

The idea to create a Spanish-language health information website developed during the first Internet boom. The planning for Vida y Salud took place after Carl heard about Mequoda Group and attended a Mequoda Summit in Napa, California.

Vida’s notoriety began with the well-recognized brand name in Dra. Aliza, who is  a popular figure in Hispanic health care.

After following best practices from Mequoda Group, Vida targeted many popular keyword phrases and developed hundreds of articles to populate their daily blog.

In addition to Dra. Aliza Lifshitz’s popularity, Carl Kravetz was an experienced marketing professional with valuable contacts in the industry. He realized the opportunity within their niche and executed on it to provide the community with an extensive amount of free health care information.

Kravetz developed an array of partnerships (content partnerships, distribution partnerships, advertising partnerships, sales partnerships and IT partnerships) in order to adequately serve the Hispanic community while generating revenue.

Everyone at Mequoda Group would like to extend congratulations to Carl and Aliza for their success with Vida y Salud and the induction to the Mequoda Fall of Fame. We wish them many more years of successful online publishing.

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