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Tag: editorial process

Haven CMS Website Wins Top Honors at 2018 SIPA Awards

Your AAA Network, which is powered by our Haven CMS, has seen dramatic increases in website traffic in just its first six months of operations—five million page views to be exact—and recently won the award for Best Product Launch/Relaunch Success at the annual SIPA conference this June.

5 Lessons from the Guardian on Using Publisher Data More Effectively

Chris Moran tells magazine and newspaper publishers how to use their publisher data most effectively
Despite an interweb filled with hugely successful listicles labeled with you’ll never believe -type headlines, “People really, really do want to read great journalism on the internet,” says Chris Moran.

Moran is phasing out of his role as SEO editorial executive at the

Publishing Analytics News From PubExec Live Summit

Checking out the latest publishing analytics news from all data points
Publishing analytics have assumed a prominent role here at Mequoda, where we’re focusing more and more resources on staff, development, and technology.

We’re not alone. The digital publishing industry is clamoring around publishing analytics, because they provide insights into one of, if not the, most important

A Digital Marketing Plan for Daily Content That Reduces Stress and Increases Productivity

One major benefit niche publishers have, and how to leverage it to create a more effective digital marketing plan for all of your articles.

Have you ever felt like a really great article, or podcast, or email newsletter didn’t perform as well as you thought it would? The thing about a large editorial team is that

SEO for Online Editors in 2011

Write, share and strategize in all the right ways

As an online editor, I’ve created articles in the past discussing the job responsibilities associated with this evolving position.

Other Mequoda writers and editors, like Amanda MacArthur, have provided information on how to manage the editorial process in a time efficient manner.

Advertising Proves Profitable for Farm Progress in the Digital Age

A glimpse at how digital transformation is addressed by a company that’s nearly 200 years old

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Willie Vogt, the Corporate Editorial Director at Farm Progress.

The conversation focused on the ways Farm Progress is handling the digital transformation in 2011. The most amazing thing to me, is the evolutionary nature of Farm Progress. For a company that was founded in 1819, and boasts the oldest known continuously published magazine with Prairie Farmer, Farm Progress is doing a tremendous job bringing content into the digital landscape.

5 Productivity Tools for Online Editors That “Get it Done” Faster

Streamline your audience development process with these must-have editorial management tools

When you’re writing content that you know like the back of your hand, being a daily online editor seems like a piece of cake. However, the truth is that as online editors, we pour our brains out into our blogs day after day. Having written over 150 blog posts already this year, I can look at a blog from four months ago and not even clearly recall writing it.

Content, especially when written on a daily basis, is not just a nice spread of words on a “page”. They are a combination of thoughts, opinion and research that are somehow organized into a comprehensive, linear story that we tell on our blogs.

How to Write a Headline that Gets Found

5 Advanced Google Search Tips for Editors

Google is a great tool to use for writing headlines that will get found and bring you new traffic.

Furthermore, Google Analytics is a great tool for an in-depth drilldown on your keyword strategy. Utilizing it will help you determine which keywords demand more attention through added content and optimization.

Week in Review: March 14th, 2011 – March 18th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Week in Review: March 7th, 2011 – March 11th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Week in Review: February 28th, 2011 – March 4th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

How Online Editors Can Redefine Their Digital Skills

Uncertain times require additional training to garner job security

Online editors need to master the art of blogging to be an asset for modern publishers.

Nowadays, editors have the task of creating and publishing more content than ever before to stay competitive in their markets.

Seven Principles of Content Marketing in the Digital Age — Part 6

Redefine working relationships for the benefit of all stakeholders.

In a Mequoda System, a publishing company’s owners, managers, and employees all share information, authority and responsibility in a symbiotic relationship that creates value for everyone. Even subscribers play a role by responding to editorial initiatives and contributing content.

We didn’t dream up this idea, we discovered and modeled it.

Online Publishing Tips from David Zinczenko, Editor-in-Chief, Men’s Health

Valuable talking points from the Mequoda Summit Boston 2010’s first keynote presentation

Any active online publisher knows that the digital environment’s rules have changed. They have seen competition grow, digital content rapidly expand and the strategies for reaching targeted audiences evolve with technology.

Last week at the Mequoda Summit Boston 2010, we had a variety of managerial staff, online publishers, editors and marketers gather to discuss the changes that are taking place and how to successfully address them.

Fixing What Goes Wrong

More Dumb Things and Their Successful Solutions

Complicated spread sheets, over-crowded Websites and courtesy-reply envelopes are just three of the next 10 of 50 Dumb Things Publishers Stopped Doing and So Should You that we started in this space last month—based on a popular session at SIPA 2010.

Denise Elliott and Greg Krehbiel, both from The Kiplinger Washington Editors, led this session and will also be speaking at the Marketing Conference in Miami, Nov. 10-12—Elliott leading the Marketing Directors Roundtable on the first afternoon and Krehbiel leading a session called Top 10 Things Marketers Need to Know About IT. A couple other experts in this listing will be speaking in Miami as well.

Online copywriting secrets for attracting, engaging and monetizing customers

The key to creating successful sales letter landing pages is writing keyword-rich copy that Google ranks highly

Uploading a sales letter landing page to a website without regard to search engine optimization is a sure way to not be found. No matter how great the content, if Internet users can’t find it, it does not exist for them.

Search Engine Optimization: Whose Job is It?

If you’re a writer or an editor, the best person to do the search engine optimization of your website is you. Hiring a search engine optimization firm to consult with you is fine, but trying to delegate search engine optimization to others is generally a mistake.

For content-driven, periodical websites, the day-to-day work of search engine optimization—preparing the written copy on your website so it can more easily be found by users—is a down-and-dirty, grind-it-out, got-to-be-done part of the editorial process.

The Mequoda SEO Process

Every good wordsmith approaches the task of writing a little differently. Some writers start with an outline or by making copious notes. Others write numerous disparate paragraphs at non-stop speed and then revisit their first draft, cutting and pasting to arrange them in a “logical” order. Still others agonize over the lead or headline and feel compelled to get them perfect before they can write a single second sentence.

The History of Search Engine Optimization

The Mequoda Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Process: A Simple, Seven-Step Process for Writers and Editors Who Want to Take Control of Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Have Their Content Found