How Online Editors Can Redefine Their Digital Skills

Uncertain times require additional training to garner job security

Online editors need to master the art of blogging to be an asset for modern publishers.

Nowadays, editors have the task of creating and publishing more content than ever before to stay competitive in their markets.

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, we discussed the reasons why it’s imperative to master the process of blogging in today’s content-based digital landscape.

We created yesterday’s article because there are still many editors today that are lacking the necessary skills to be an effective and efficient blogger. Many of these professionals have been in the content business for years and may excel in the traditional confines of the editorial process, but times have changed. Love it or hate it, the reality stays the same.

The dislike for the evolution of the editor’s job description became evident to me while speaking to a friend and colleague this past week.

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We only fear what we don’t understand…

A family friend of mine, James, has been working as a successful journalist for years. Some of his written pieces have served as a catalyst for me in pursuing a career comprised of the written word.

Needless to say, his talents have always been inspiring.

During our conversation, my friend James didn’t possess his usual charisma. He was distraught and said it was because of his career. He was afraid of becoming irrelevant in modern times.

I was shocked. How could a man with his writing and editing talents be afraid of losing his job?

As I inquired about his fears, he shared a story of younger editors possessing skills that have only developed within the last five years. From blogging and social media marketing to search engine optimization – my friend felt out of his league.

I began to reassure him. “I learned these skills and it didn’t take me a lifetime to become proficient with them.”

I told him how our upcoming webinar is taught by a colleague that hasn’t been blogging for 30 years, and that a direct, strategic approach will help him understand the process of blogging, and the formats most widely used by every successful blogger – from celebrities to online editors. I assured him that with some effort, any editor can become up-to-date with best practices for blogging.

Formats any competent writer can learn

The most important point to stress – be it to James or any other writer – is that the successful strategies for blogging can be easily learned.

During our Blogging for Editors webinar attendees will be exposed to over a dozen blogging formats that will help the content creation process run more smoothly.

These formats have been tested time and again by successful bloggers all over the Internet.

If you are struggling with editorial changes taking place in the digital landscape, this 90-minute webinar is for you.

Even if you grasp the concepts of successful blogging but have a hard time coming up with fresh content for your blog, then Blogging for Editors is also for you.

Join us on February 22nd for Blogging for Editors where you will discover over a dozen blogging formats that will help you build and retain an audience while bringing your writing skills to 21st century requirements.


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