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Publishing analytics have assumed a prominent role here at Mequoda, where we’re focusing more and more resources on staff, development, and technology.

We’re not alone. The digital publishing industry is clamoring around publishing analytics, because they provide insights into one of, if not the, most important aspects of your operation: audience development.

Publishing Executive recently hosted its live event, the Data, Insight & Revenue Summit. Let’s check out some of their coverage from this timely occasion.

Publishing Executive Live: Data, Insight & Revenue Summit

Fantastic recap of Publishing Executive’s Data, Insight & Revenue Summit, straight from the source!

“Keynote speaker Felipe Calderon, head of partnerships at Google, shared his perspective on future applications of data technology in media. In particular, he said that Google is paying close attention to technology that customizes individuals’ web experience based on how they are referred to the site or previous activity. This technology will be able to serve highly targeted ads and content to specific users and drive greater revenue for publishers,” Ellen Harvey writes.

Said Calderon:

“One of my colleagues told me recently that we’re about five years away from deep customization. It’s an area we’re watching very closely.”

Examining Forbes’ Use of Publishing Analytics got a great interview during the Publishing Executive Live: Data, Insight & Revenue Summit with Forbes Chief Revenue Officer Mark Howard, who discussed the brand’s recent partnership with publishing analytics firm 6sense.

“Predictive analytics and intelligence is another step forward for the industry, one that places importance on providing visibility to advertisers and an end-to-end solution that consists not only of executing a media plan, but also of offering deep insights into the results of that plan. For years, Forbes has been investing in our analytics and operations teams in anticipation of a new set of skills emerging for digital media players that prioritizes data analysis and an understanding of complex technologies. By adding more resources in these areas, we’re able to navigate a highly dynamic industry and constantly evaluate and onboard technologies that keep us ahead of the curve,” Howard told Harvey.


“Having a thorough and complete understanding of your data is key. Each publisher needs to take the time to deep dive into the insights they’ve gleaned in order to be able to leverage it for their marketers. Investing in the people, platforms, and technologies that specialize in data will absolutely have a positive effect on your bottom line.”

Quintype’s Combo of Content Marketing, Ad Tech, and Publishing Analytics

Speaking of publishing analytics firms, interesting exchange from Quintype CEO Amit Rathore about his company at

“We are a data-driven content management and publishing platform. The platform is now available to the public, after a successful 13-month beta period that saw a range of publishers – including Mother Jones – signing up to use the publishing tools. The platform displays the stages of the editorial process and enables editors to assign tasks, set up notifications, and bring teams together to collaborate on new projects. Quintype’s Content Assistant also helps content creators and curators by suggesting content references and research from other online sources,” Rathore says.

“The most important media trend for the media now is the creation of new publishing platforms, which combine publishing systems, marketing technology systems, and ad-tech systems. Eventually, it all is about the complete, end-to-end value chain. Beyond pure play news and media companies, content marketers are also very interested in these platforms because even if you’re just a brand creating content for your fans, you still need metrics and ways of keeping them engaged and coming back. This is exactly the type of systems that are now being built.”

Tell us about it, Amit!

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