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Tag: wordpress plugin

Protected: Executive Council Update: Introducing a Higher Level of System Security

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Protected: Get the Most Out of Your Social Platforms

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What is SMO? Develop Your Social Media Strategy in 8 Steps

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is what we call the process of optimizing your content and your business, for social media.

Typically, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes first. This is the process of creating content that has been optimized for some set of keywords that our target audience is looking for.

Usability Testing: 5 Heat Map Tracking Tools to Watch What Your Visitors Do

If you want to know why your website is, or is not performing, start conducting usability studies. A/B tests are great for content, but when it comes to seeing how users engage with your website, online heatmap tracking tools can make all the difference.

The Art of Writing Killer Inline Text Ads to Build Email Circulation

Although a text ad could refer to any ad consisting of text, we’re currently referring to those that are part of your conversion architecture. These ads are placed in the dead center of all your articles and invite your website visitors to download a free product that will get them on your email list.

Gain SEO Control Back with 7 Sitemap Tools to Use Before a Magazine Website Redesign

There are ways to control how Google reads your website with sitemap tools. While we assume most of our publishing friends are creating kosher content and abiding by the rules, if Google has considered you a black sheep in the past, you can reinvent yourself by cleaning up your sitemap. If you’ve been good, you can always improve how well your website is indexed, and often the updates are pretty easy!

15 Audience Development Strategies Most Publishers Avoid and Shouldn’t

It’s hard to determine how to spend both your time, and your resources within a business. The way we look at every decision you make is this:

Is whatever you’re thinking about doing, going to help you build an audience, improve capture rates, increase engagement rates, or monetize more visitors?

Your audience development efforts fall into three of those buckets, which means that audience development, in essence, makes up 75% of your overall publishing goals. If it doesn’t, then how will you have enough people to convert into customers and monetize?

How to Stop Spam Registrations and Comments on Your Portal

If there’s one annoyance you’ve probably heard from your website operators, it might be managing spam comments. They log in to begin content development, and before they can create a new post, they have a list of new “comments” to filter through in the dashboard, and many of them are spam. Others are, thankfully, real people.

How to Be a Better Keyword Density Checker

Get more page one rankings in Google by being a better keyword density checker for your business

Our SEO process has several layers that starts with keyword research and ends with article marketing and an accompanying white paper. Somewhere in the middle of this process we take what we see as a great keyword and drop it into the article or landing page that we’re writing.

The 9 Best Places to Use Good Keywords in Articles

Choosing good keywords and using them correctly is more than a strategy, it’s a lifeline for your investment in content and can keep traffic flowing indefinitely.

When you’re in the business of content, search engine optimization isn’t just a hip thing to do, it’s a necessity. Think about how much time your team spends every day

Choosing the Best Content Management System for Digital Publishers

Your content management system is, simply stated, the system used to manage the content on your web site … but it’s so much more than just that. Choosing a CMS is one of the most important decisions publishers make today.

When it comes to choosing the best CMS for your digital publishing business, you can find advice from vendors, marketers, editors, sales people, technology experts, web developers, and even consultants. Although there are many choices, publishers need to stay focused on their goals when selecting a system.

Why Planning Social Media for Magazines Always Leads Back to SEO

Social media for magazines should be equal parts branding and content marketing – with a new perspective on why magazines really market content on social

One of our clients recently conducted a 6-month test to increase their post reach, and one of the things we determined – after several months of testing every element available on Facebook

Online Publishing Platform News: Facebook, Apple, and More

Pick your favorite online publishing platform, and there’s probably news; plus, when does a digital paywall become pay as you go?
The idea of the perfect online publishing platform continues to emerge as a major consideration for digital publishers looking to add on to revenue streams, as elusive as that perfect online publishing platform is. Is

Top 3 Social Media Scheduling Tools Digital Publishers Love

Save your social media team time and simplify their workflow with these three social media scheduling tools
Publishers practically invented content management systems, but one area we find publishers lacking in, is their social media management.

When we’re all sitting around at the lunch tables at our quarterly Intensive, we talk about our 12x12x12 social media strategy that’s

19 Digital Publishing Solutions You May Need As a Magazine Publisher

Are you acting as the general contractor of your content management system when it’s supposed to be managing itself?

Will Apple News Serve as Solid Content Distribution Platform for Publishers?

There’s no such thing as an excess of content distribution platform outlets – the more the merrier, as far as Mequoda Members are concerned. But Apple Newsstand certainly had its fair share of detractors despite the visibility and content monetization it could provide digital publishers during its better moments. Now phased out, it gives way to the highly anticipated Apple News – which officially goes live today – a publisher app that will operate much differently and comes with its own criticisms … as well as upside.

What are publishers doing to maximize that potential? Digiday, always on top of it, reports on the plans of several legacies and digital natives, while also covering some concerns.

3 Top Online Video Platforms Used by Publishers with Premium Video Content

Uploading your videos to YouTube has its benefits. Your videos get indexed on the world’s second largest search engine, it’s free and life is good. But what if you have premium video content on your website? You know, the video content that took you hours, days, and months to produce? This video content is secure behind a paid firewall for your most valued customers and subscribers. YouTube is no place for premium content. YouTube is great for promotional and free teaser content. Same goes for Vimeo.

Merging Usability Testing Methods from the Past and Present

Website usability tests are performed to determine if websites are functioning correctly. If they aren’t, users will have a hard time executing on their desired tasks, leading website publishers to fail in building rapport and generating revenue from these users.

7 Steps for SEO Success

It might be true that some sites are “winning” the search engines simply by existing and being a well-known reputable sources, like the New York Times or Wall Street Journal.

But it’s even more true that most of us have to work at it.

Don calls SEO “the new direct mail.” Keyword research and implementation is perhaps the most complex, yet effective way to drive the more search traffic to your website. The basic strategy of good SEO is that you can research your keywords, optimize your content, track your progress, and re-do the whole process.

5 Website Design Tools to Make Your Website Lightning Fast

Five website design tools and three tips for speeding up your website

“People hate to wait,” Andy King states in the opening line of his book, Speed Up Your Site: Web Site Optimization (VOICES). “The Web is essentially a self-service environment. A core promise of self-service is speed. A customer turns to self-service to save time, to save money and because it is more convenient.”

Your website should load in three to five seconds, and that includes the stylesheet files that illustrate the fonts, colors, styles and structure of your website. People expect information these days to load instantaneously and require no-effort to consume. Two phenomena contribute to the users expectation of download time:

The “Pin It” Button Plugin: Get More Attention On Your Most Visually-Appealing Posts

Pinterest is a social media community built on the idea of “inspiration boards”, and is currently the fastest-growing website in history, having just clocked 11.7 unique monthly visitors last month. As Pinterest users surf around the web they can “pin” webpages and images to one of their boards, which might be named something like “foods I want to eat” or “wedding ideas” or “crafty things”.

Easily Assign Multiple Authors to a Post with Co-Authors Plus

You’ve just wrapped up another successful week; Articles were posted and traffic keeps going up. A reminder alert from your calendar app flashes on your computer screen letting you know that Jim is going to be on vacation starting on Wednesday of next week. Jim’s one of your senior editors and is about 50% done on 6 posts he’s working on. Looking at your editorial calendar you notice that a few of them are posting soon. This is where Co-Authors Plus springs into action. You can quickly assign your new editor David to all of Jim’s articles he’s working on, ensuring they’ll be finished.

Week in Review: December 27th, 2011 – December 30th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

A Plugin For News Publishers To Format Dates/Times “Correctly”

The AP Stylebook has been setting the standards for news writing since 1953. I wonder if the creators of WordPress (the good folks at Automattic ever imagined how many publishers would be using their platform.

Are you a publisher who follows the AP Style Guide? Do you wish the dates and times in comments, posts and pages followed the AP style guide much like most major news websites out there? You’re in luck. There’s a free WordPress plugin called AP Style Dates and Times plugin.

WP-Plugin Review: After the Deadline

Don’t you wish you had a second pair of eyes to look at your article before you publish it? Even the best writers make spelling and grammar mistakes. Operating systems like Apple OS X and Windows 7 have pretty good spell-checkers built in, but they certainly won’t catch wrong word usage or improper grammar. Luckily for remote editors there is great WordPress plugin called After the Deadline.

Broken Link Checker Saves Time & Embarrassment

Your deadline is quickly approaching… You can do it… Just a few more words…

After all that research and crafting, your article is finally finished. Time to click publish on that 2000 word masterpiece.

Did you have time to double check those links in your article? You know you have to. There’s nothing worse than receiving a snarky comment letting you know that you have broken link.

Better WP Security Plugin Review

You buy a home, you fill it with nice things. To secure your home, you add locks to the doors, sensors to the windows and all kinds of other security systems.

Isn’t your website kind of like a home? You fill it will valuable content. You build your site’s readership. In time it becomes a web property.

3 Ways to Get The Most Accurate Social Media Analytics

The fundamental differences between web analytics, plugin analytics, and social sharing platform analytics
Radio pioneer Lee De Forest once argued that, “while theoretically and technically television may be feasible, commercially and financially it is an impossibility.”

Just like the television, and every other new means of communication, social media has seen its “…but where’s the money?” days. And ROI may have been the most-hated acronym in the social media circle at one time, but today it’s just another way to prove the effectiveness of humanizing your business.

Edit Flow WordPress Plugin Helps You Organize Your Editors

Any large online publishing organization as one or several Managing Editors responsible for keeping the arrangement of editorial content flowing in an organized fashion. When you’re managing several editors at once, the “organized” part sometimes falls on the backburner and suddenly you’re producing content and looking in a few different directions for the most important things: due dates, topic ideas, and post assignments.

Week in Review: November 14th, 2011 – November 18th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Editorial Calendar WordPress Plugin Update

Do you still use a large desk calendar? They’re effective at keeping you current with all of your upcoming appointments and tasks because it sits right in front of you… on your desk!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage all the posts your editors create on a calendar? You could see the upcoming month in all it’s glory and have the ability to pace out a series of content and know how your weeks flows together. Wouldn’t it be great if you could schedule posts from that calendar down to the exact minute they should be seen publicly?

Mequoda Shopp WordPress Plug-in

An efficient option for retailing through WordPress websites

Think of the top online retailers…Amazon and Overstock come to my mind immediately. The reason I mention this is due to the ease in which transactions can be made on these websites.

Purchasing online is a common activity, but audience members expect the process to be safe and efficient. They do not want to entered sensitive information if the website is not secure, and they don’t want to waste an exorbitant amount of time completing the transaction.

Week in Review: October 10th, 2011 – October 14th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Onswipe for Online Publishers

How to create an iPad-friendly version of your website with this new platform

Onswipe, which was once available only as a WordPress plugin, was released today as a publishing platform for all types of websites.

Those who have used Onswipe will tell you about its ability to create an app-like experience for its users. And according to an article from Poynter, the platform includes “lots of photo and video thumbnails, minimalistic article presentation and touch-based interaction through dragging and swiping.”

3 Aesthetically Pleasing Social Media WordPress Plugins

Share your articles in style with one of these social media WordPress plugins guaranteed to increase tweets, likes and +1’s

Before the Internet, one of the ways we shared information was by talking on the telephone. You know – a landline. If someone wasn’t home, you had to wait for them to get home. If you got lost driving to their house, you couldn’t just give them a buzz on their cellphone – you had to start asking strangers. Any message you wanted to deliver, you needed to do it with preparation and well in advance.

Thankfully today we have smart phones that make it even easier to share on the go. If someone gets lost on the way to your house, you can text them directions or an address which will open in a GPS-enabled application. If we have a party, we can make a Facebook invitation and send it while sitting on the bus, rather than buying invitations and licking stamps all afternoon. We share pictures, directions, locations and websites every single day.

Great WP Plugin for Online Editors: Editorial Calendar

Simplify your editorial management strategy when you add a visual editorial calendar to your WordPress blog

There’s this new(ish) WordPress plugin out in the wilderness that has been getting some buzz lately and it’s called Editorial Calendar by Zack Grossbart.

The big bloggers like Brian Clark of and Chris Brogan of (amongst other sites) are singing its high praises, so we thought it deserved a shout-out.

Blogging About The Best Kept Secret in Golf

Golf Vacation Insider provides free travel tips for golfers

Thinking Mobile – 12 Mobile Design Tools to Make Your Blog More Mobile-Friendly

Mobile isn’t exactly a new media trend, but it’s certainly gaining more importance than it did a few years ago

Publishers Using Twitter

Traditional Publishers Are Distributing their Content and Brand via Twitter with both a hands-off RSS approach and a hands-on personal approach