3 Email Elements for Powerful Promotions

Persuasive email marketing strategies for creating convincing email copy

A well-written email promotion typically results in new consumers, especially if you have a large, active email marketing database. When you create alignment and desire behind the wording and content you’re providing, it is so much easier to turn potential consumers into paying consumers. Below, I’ve listed three tips for writing persuasive email copy you can use in your next promo.

Persuasive email writing tip #1: Be convincing – It’s easy to tell someone to do it, but it’s not always effective. Giving people a reason to do something increases the likelihood of it happening. Be sure to tell your readers to click on articles or images, and give them a great reason why.

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Persuasive email writing tip #2: Give proof – Anyone can say they have great products or services, but consumers can be weary of such promises. Provide details and facts about your skills and accomplishments, and include social proof like testimonials when applicable.

Persuasive email writing tip #3: Tension and release – Discussing your audience’s problems and providing a solution can be a persuasive method of communication. Be honest and upfront with all the information you provide, and have an aligned solution for those audience members seeking it.

There are, of course, more tips for persuasive writing that can help you create successful email marketing campaigns. The three tips above can help you get on the right path. Stay connected with the Mequoda Daily, and get notified when we release new information on email marketing tips.

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