5 Tips for Being a Good Email Marketer

After your email marketing strategy is in place, there are a few actions that will turn you into a better email marketer

If you are new to email marketing, or have been doing it without receiving the type of results you expect, there are a few ways to become better at optimizing your list and attracting new subscribers.

The tips below share ideas for becoming an all around better email marketer. If you have additional tips, please share them in the comments below.

Develop your email marketing list: Constantly building your email marketing list creates more opportunity for your brand. The more people you attract into becoming registered members, the more opportunity for word-of-mouth promotion. There is also a greater chance of turning free subscribers into paying customers.

Developing your email marketing list relies on other elements, including: optimized landing pages with conversion architecture, online ads that promote your content, social media exposure, targeted copywriting, and engaging email campaigns that subscribers may want to forward to friends and colleagues.

Monitor list performance: If you list is filled with undeliverable or dead email addresses, you are doing yourself a disservice. Sending to these inactive addresses can hinder your email reputation. Purging inactive email recipients and will differentiate you from spammers. And if you have sponsors aligned with your email marketing campaigns, they may be happier that a clean list is used.


Find clarity with your email subject lines: Your email subject lines have to be engaging enough to get opened. They also have to be aligned with the content within the body of the email. Creating this balance is important, because misleading your subscribers will not help you become a better email marketer. Instead, it will lead to a higher unsubscribe rate. If you’re looking for tips on writing better subject lines, check out this free report.

Make it easy to unsubscribe: If your email campaigns are difficult to unsubscribe from, you will get direct complains about it. Technically, if you don’t offer the opportunity to unsubscribe from your email newsletter, you may be going against the Can SPAM Act. Save yourself any trouble by making it easy for users to unsubscribe. However, give them options just in case they’d prefer a downgrade in frequency. If you are providing daily emails, offer the chance to receive only the week in review email or email promotions instead. The option to downgrade might save a subscriber from completely exiting your list.

Amanda MacArthur provides some great tips for unsubscribe pages here.

Develop consistency for your email campaigns: In today’s digital world, an email newsletter may be viewed like a daily newspaper. Avid readers may engage with your content frequently, and even expect it at a certain time each day. Your sending frequency should be consistent so you can serve your most engaged consumers sufficiently. This is particularly true with B2B publications whose information can help other business professionals with their daily activities.

While compiling these steps to becoming a better email marketer, I had to go beyond five and list a bonus suggestion: design for mobile. With email being checked on tablets and smartphones, it’s important to have an email template that’s optimized for mobile devices. Users are more likely to unsubscribe or delete emails if they do not look good via mobile. More tips on designing for mobile can be found here.


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