A Trend for Audience Development with Apps

How will digital publishers succeed with audience development through mobile devices?

There are a few possibilities for developing revenue streams for digital publishers. Of course, selling digital products and subscriptions are on this list. Developing channel sponsorships can also help. However, there is a trend within mobile digital devices that may benefit publishers in the years to come.

This trend is in-app advertising. Juniper Research has reported on in-app advertising recently, predicting that by the end of 2012 will reach $2.4 billion. By the 2015, it’s expected to reach $7.1 billion.

As the marketplace gets inundated with more apps, in-app advertising can help the cost of apps stay low while still driving revenue generating for publishers.

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Jack Kent, an analyst at HIS, believes the in-app revenue generation by 2015 will reach $5.6 billion.

Regardless of whose prediction is right, it’s clear that in-app advertising is growing and can be a useful strategy for publishers who want to make generate revenue, yet are afraid a variety of free apps could leave them with tough competition.

Creating in-app advertisements

For in-app advertising to be successful, it has to focus on a rich, personal experience.

Charlotte Miller of Juniper Research believes this has to include immersing and entertaining audiences with the type of content they are interested in. Fortunately, mobile devices offer an array of media accessibility.

Are you using in-add advertising? How has it worked for you? Please share your story with the community.


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